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Words and phrases that rhyme with perfect:   (421 results)

1 syllable:
-decked, -necked, -sect, becht, becked, brecht, checked, chek-dt, decked, dsect, fecht, fecked, flecked, hecht, hect-, jtekt, kecked, knecht, necked, pecht, pecked, precht, recht, recked, recte, schlecht, sect, secte, seked, sekte, snecked, specht, specked, speckt, spect, trekked, v-necked, wecht, wrecked, bricht, bricked, clicked, cricked, dicht, dichte, dicked, dicte, flicked, gicht, kicked, licht, licked, nicht, nicked, picht, picked, pricked, ricked, schicht, schlicht, schlict, sicht, sicked, slicked, snicked, snikt, sticht, sticked, strict, ticked, tricked

2 syllables:
advect, affect, albrecht, allect, arrect, aspect, atrecht, aufrecht, bedecked, bedeckt, bisect, bullnecked, cilect, collect, collecte, complect, confect, conject, connect, contect, convect, corect, correct, crosschecked, defect, defekt, deflect, deject, deregt, despect, detect, detrect, direct, directe, dissect, dordrecht, effect, eject, elect, enfect, entrecte, erect, exect, expect, exsect, flyspecked, half-decked, hambrecht, henpecked, humect, infect, inflect, inject, insect, insecte, insekt, inspect, invect, kinect, konfekt, moordrecht, neglect, object, obtect, pandect, perfekt, porrect, prefect, prelect, pro-ject, project, protect, provect, rechecked, rednecked, refect, reflect, reject, resect, respect, rupprecht, schiltknecht, select, senkrecht, spot-checked, subject, subnect, suspect, suspekt, traject, tranect, transect, trisect, unchecked, unecht, utecht, utrecht, vpec-t, wrynecked, abstrict, addict, adstrict, afflict, anticked, antickt, blitzlicht, condict, conflict, constrict, convict, delict, depict, evict, extict, geschickt, gewicht, hand-picked, handpicked, head-strict, inflict, invict, konflikt, luftdicht, maastricht, maestricht, magicked, physicked, picnicked, predict, relict, restrict, revict, right-clicked, tail-strict, unlicked, unpicked, uppricked

3 syllables:
5select, acrolect, amish sect, analect, anderlecht, architect, architecte, architekt, artilect, aufgeregt, barenecked, basilect, bitconnect, bottlenecked, by-respect, caverject, child neglect, circumflect, circumspect, codirect, counterchecked, cross-connect, deselect, dialect, dialecte, dialekt, disaffect, disconnect, disinfect, disrespect, double-checked, double-decked, droste effect, dr disrespect, ethnolect, freshdirect, genderlect, genuflect, hemisect, incorrect, indirect, intellect, interject, intersect, intertect, introspect, in effect, jetdirect, leaf insect, leberecht, liege subject, mesolect, misaffect, miscorrect, misdirect, multisect, non-direct, nondirect, nonelect, note-perfect, parkitect, pluperfect, predilect, preelect, preerect, preselect, privatrecht, quadrisect, quantconnect, quickselect, rape suspect, re-collect, re-elect, re-erect, recollect, reconnect, redirect, reelect, reerect, reinfect, reinspect, reselect, resurrect, retrospect, rubbernecked, scale insect, schildknecht, self-correct, self-neglect, self-respect, semierect, short subject, side-effect, side effect, skin effect, sound effect, stage direct, stage effect, starchitect, stick insect, suberect, take effect, topolect, transperfect, turtlenecked, uncorrect, undirect, unerect, unperfect, unprotect, unrespect, unselect, unsuspect, venesect, vivisect, wax insect, word-perfect, wreckx-n-effect, write-protect, benedict, benedicte, cherry-picked, contradict, derelict, derestrict, double-clicked, drug addict, gleichgewicht, goldendict, hyperstrict, interdict, maledict, metamict, overstrict, overzicht, politicked, reconvict, retrodict, schwergewicht, unpredict, unterricht

4 syllables:
after-effect, aftereffect, autocorrect, coattails effect, dopplereffekt, doppler effect, eyebuydirect, greenhouse effect, hypercorrect, idiolect, incircumspect, interconnect, introselect, in that respect, law of effect, letter-perfect, microinject, min dialect, misrecollect, murder suspect, openconnect, oranjegekte, over-correct, overaffect, overcorrect, overprotect, photoeffect, picture-perfect, pinnatisect, preterperfect, semi-erect, sociolect, special effect, spittle insect, subdialect, superinfect, superinspect, teleconnect, tigerdirect, transdialect, uncircumspect, unwind-protect, urheberrecht, willful neglect, with all respect, wu dialect, yue dialect, caffeine addict, cocaine addict, eggs benedict, saint benedict

5 syllables:
1-800-collect, beijing dialect, bipinnatisect, flemish dialect, landscape architect, president-elect, preterimperfect, preterpluperfect, progressive aspect, robbery suspect, sciencedirect, shanghai dialect, ubisoft connect, visual aspect, heroin addict, opium addict, psychoderelict

6 syllables:
cantonese dialect, mandarin dialect

7 syllables:
triboelectric effect

9 syllables:
sino-soviet border conflict

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (19 results)

1 syllable:
kept, stepped, slept, sept, swept, wept

2 syllables:
adept, unkept, except, inept, accept, backswept, transept, unswept, well-kept

3 syllables:
imperfect, intercept, nympholept, tempest-swept

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