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Words and phrases that rhyme with slow loris:   (326 results)

2 syllables:
-saurus, boris, boris', borris, chloris, chlorous, chorus, cloris, coris, dorice, doris, dorris, dorus, floris, florus, foris, forres, goris, horace, horus, joris, kauris, korus, laurice, laurus, lores, lorus, maurus, morice, moris, morrice, morris, morris', morriss, morus, norice, noris, norris, nourice, nourrice, orrice, orris, porous, porus, ptloris, saurus, sorice, soris, sorus, sporous, sporus, squarrous, taurus, toris, torose, torras, torus, tsoris, turris, voris, zoris

3 syllables:
acorus, authorise, botaurus, centauress, clitoris, clitorus, corchorus, delores, dolores, doloris, fitzmaurice, fitzmorris, liquorice, lycoris, mantorras, mcmorris, metaurus, montgoris, mussaurus, petaurus, prioress, prochorus, pylorus, rectoress, sartoris, sepphoris, thesaurus, three-torus, tortorice

4 syllables:
adasaurus, allosaurus, ankylosaurus, archosaurus, atlasaurus, aucasaurus, barosaurus, brontosaurus, bulbasaurus, camptosaurus, camptosorus, carnotaurus, centrosaurus, cetiosaurus, champsosaurus, chasmosaurus, chindesaurus, chrysochloris, cistothorus, crichtonsaurus, cyclosorus, dakosaurus, denversaurus, dinosaurus, diodorus, dipsosaurus, doch-an-dorris, dryosaurus, dryptosaurus, eosaurus, epidaurus, gasosaurus, gorgosaurus, gorosaurus, hadrosaurus, hydrochoerus, hydrosaurus, kamuysaurus, kentrosaurus, kritosaurus, kronosaurus, lambeosaurus, limaysaurus, lotosaurus, luchasaurus, lurdusaurus, lystrosaurus, mapusaurus, mauisaurus, megasaurus, mesosaurus, minotaurus, mixosaurus, morosaurus, mosasaurus, mososaurus, nanosaurus, nanuqsaurus, nigersaurus, nigroporus, nodosaurus, nothosaurus, nyctosaurus, ophisaurus, parksosaurus, philochorus, phylloporus, plateosaurus, pleiosaurus, plesiosaurus, pleurosorus, pliosaurus, polyborus, polydorus, polyporus, poposaurus, pseudacorus, puertasaurus, purussaurus, qantassaurus, rajasaurus, saltasaurus, sarahsaurus, sarcosaurus, scelidosaurus, sceloporus, scomberomorus, scutosaurus, segnosaurus, seismosaurus, semichorus, shastasaurus, shringasaurus, shunosaurus, silesaurus, sinosaurus, spinosaurus, stegosaurus, stellasaurus, stesichorus, suchosaurus, supersaurus, tarbosaurus, thryothorus, torosaurus, torvosaurus, tylosaurus, ultrasaurus, urosaurus, vespersaurus, wuerhosaurus, xenosaurus

5 syllables:
achelousaurus, alamosaurus, albertosaurus, alectrosaurus, amargasaurus, ampelosaurus, amurosaurus, anteosaurus, apatosaurus, artemidorus, athenodorus, bajadasaurus, basilosaurus, brachiosaurus, cadborosaurus, camarasaurus, cassiodorus, ceratosaurus, charonosaurus, chlamydosaurus, corythosaurus, cristatusaurus, cyclotosaurus, daemonosaurus, daspletosaurus, dicraeosaurus, dilophosaurus, dolichosaurus, dromaeosaurus, dyoplosaurus, edaphosaurus, edmontosaurus, einiosaurus, elaphrosaurus, elasmosaurus, erlikosaurus, eunotosaurus, europasaurus, futabasaurus, gigantosaurus, gojirasaurus, heliodorus, herrerasaurus, huayangosaurus, hylaeosaurus, icarosaurus, ichthyosaurus, isanosaurus, laetiporus, lesothosaurus, lufengosaurus, magyarosaurus, majungasaurus, maquiladoras, mastodonsaurus, megalosaurus, nipponosaurus, nyasasaurus, oligoporus, ophiotaurus, ophthalmosaurus, paleosaurus, panoplosaurus, pinacosaurus, pisanosaurus, proterosaurus, psittacosaurus, qianzhousaurus, rapetosaurus, savannasaurus, scutellosaurus, shantungosaurus, siamosaurus, sonorasaurus, staurikosaurus, styracosaurus, teleosaurus, tenontosaurus, teratosaurus, tetragonurus, thescelosaurus, titanosaurus, trematosaurus, turiasaurus, tyrannosaurus, uredosorus, yangchuanosaurus, zephyrosaurus

6 syllables:
acrocanthosaurus, anodontosaurus, appalachiosaurus, argentinosaurus, arizonasaurus, bahariasaurus, bruhathkayosaurus, camarillasaurus, cryolophosaurus, eromangasaurus, futalognkosaurus, giganotosaurus, gigantspinosaurus, haplocanthosaurus, incisivosaurus, metridiochoerus, monolophosaurus, muttaburrasaurus, ouranosaurus, pachyrhinosaurus, petrolacosaurus, proceratosaurus, pycnonemosaurus, sigilmassasaurus, sinornithosaurus, stenonychosaurus, temnodontosaurus, thecodontosaurus, therizinosaurus, tuojiangosaurus

7 syllables:
carcharodontosaurus, ekrixinatosaurus, heterodontosaurus, metriacanthosaurus, pachycephalosaurus

9 syllables:

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (26 results)

2 syllables:
spirits, siris, xyris, maurice, naris, harris, derris, merits, paris, iris, theorise, burris, ferris, gerris, myrrhis

3 syllables:
osiris, phalaris, psephurus, trachurus

4 syllables:
acanthurus, elaphurus, hypochaeris, pomaderris, tetraneuris

5 syllables:

6 syllables:

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