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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

beat, beet, c's, c.'s, c.s, c2, cease, ceased, cece, cede, cees, cele, cheat, cia, ciel, cite, feat, feet, heat, keitt, leet, leete, leite, meat, meet, mete, neat, neet, peat, peet, peete, pete, piette, saez, sat, sate, scene, sea's, seal, seale, seam, seaq, seas, sease, seat's, seater, seato, seats, seed, seek, seel, seem, seen, seep, seeped, seer, sees, seese, seethe, seib, seif, seife, seige, seip, seipp, seis, seith, seize, seo, seow, sepe, set, sette, sheet, siebe, sieck, sieg, siege, siek, siem, sies, siess, sight, sikh, sit, site, sito, siu, skeat, skeet, skeete, sleet, soot, sought, suit, suite, suitt, sweatt, sweet, swete, teat, teet, veit, wheat, -ship, caede, cede, chic, cid, citat, cyd, feague, feat, fede, feed, feet, feick, feig, ffiec, fick, ficke, fig, figg, figge, figue, fit, fitt, fitte, fticr, fytte, pseud-, psych-, s.p.a, sceat, schede, schick, schip, seachd, seaq, secque, seed, seek, seep, seib, seip, seipp, seite, sepe, seque, she'd, sheat, sheed, sheek, sheep, sheet, sheik, sheikh, shete, shick, shiek, ship, shipp, shit, shits, shtik, sib, sic, sick, sid, sidhe, siebe, sieck, sieg, siek, sig, sigeh, sigg, sikh, sip, sipp, sippe, sit, sitte, sittwe, syd, theat, thebe, thede, theed, theke, theque, thick, thicke, thiede, v.i.p, veep, veit, vic, vick, vig, vigue, vik, vitt, zeeb, zeek, zeke, zick, zieg, zig, zip, zipp

See seat used in context: 100+ rhymes, 47 Shakespeare works, several books and articles.

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