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Words and phrases that rhyme with perfect:   (101 results)

1 syllable:
becht, brecht, checked, decked, fecht, flecked, hecht, hect-, knecht, necked, pecht, pecked, precht, recht, recked, schlecht, sect, specht, specked, speckt, spect, trekked, wecht, welked, whelked, wrecked

2 syllables:
affect, bedecked, collect, confect, connect, correct, defect, deflect, deject, deregt, detect, direct, dissect, effect, eject, elect, erect, expect, infect, inject, inspect, neglect, object, project, protect, rechecked, reflect, reject, respect, select, subject, suspect, unchecked

3 syllables:
amish sect, child neglect, disaffect, disconnect, disinfect, disrespect, imperfect, incorrect, indirect, in effect, interject, intersect, liege subject, misdirect, nondirect, rape suspect, recollect, reconnect, redirect, reelect, reinspect, resurrect, short subject, side effect, skin effect, sound effect, stage direct, stage effect, take effect

4 syllables:
coattails effect, doppler effect, greenhouse effect, interconnect, in that respect, law of effect, murder suspect, overprotect, special effect, teleconnect, willful neglect, with all respect

5 syllables:
robbery suspect

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (50 results)

1 syllable:
crept, kept, leapt, sept, slept, stepped, swept, wept

2 syllables:
accent, accept, addressed, adept, again, attend, brunet, brunette, compare, confess, depressed, descent, effects, event, except, expects, extent, forget, herself, impressed, inept, intent, invent, invest, myself, obsessed, percent, perplex, perplexed, prevent, regret, repent, success, suggest, the best, tonight, upset, yourself

3 syllables:
cigarette, intercept, perfecta, silhouette

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farewell farm fart fast faster fat fate father feast feather feelings fell felt fence ferret fez fiddle fierce fifty fight fighter figure fill find fine finished fire fish fit fix flame flare flavor flaw flawless flaws fled flesh flight floor florida flow flower flowers fog folk food fool foot football force ford forest forever forgive forgiving form fort forward found foundation four fourth fragile frail france frank freak free freedom free verse freeze fresh fret friend friendly friends friendship fright frog frown fruit frustration ful full fun function funky funny fury fuse fuss future game games gang gap garden gas gator gay generation gentle get ghetto ghost gift gifts gina giraffe girl girlfriend girls giving glass glory glue god goes gold golden golf good goose gore gorgeous got grace graduation granted grass grave gray great green greet grin group grow growing growth gry guess guide gum gun guy habit haiku hair hairy half hall halloween ham hammer hand handle hands hang happened happier happiness happy hard harm harmony harry hat hater hay haze head heads health heart hearts heat heather heaven held hell hello help hem hero hesitation hey high hill him hip hop history hit hockey hoe holiday holidays hom home homes homework honesty honor hood hop horrible horse horses hospital hot house how huge human humble hunger hungry hunting hurry hurt hurts ideal idiot idol ill imagine immaculate important incredible indeed infinite information ing inquiry insane insect integrity intense intention internet irrational itch jade jail jam james jason jeff jerry jessica jesus jewel jim job joe john joint joke jokes jordan journey joy joyce judge juice jump june jungle junior justin kelly kenny kevin key kick kill killer kim kind king kiss kisses kitchen kitty knees knew knight knowledge known kyle lack ladies lady lake land lane large last late later laura lauren lay lazy leader leadership leaf learn leave leaves lee leg legacy lemon lemonade leo less let letter 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october off office often oil old older one only onomatopoeia open optimistic orange oranges organize original other out pace pack page pain pal pants paper paradise paranoia paris park part pass passion passionate pat path pathetic patty paul peace peel pen penny people perfection perfectly performance perhaps person personality pet peter phone photo phrase phrases pic pick pickle picture pictures pie piece pieces pierce pierre pigs pile pillow pimp pint pirate pit pity pizza plan planet plants plate play playa player playing plea please pleasure plenty poem poems poet poetry point poison police pond pony poo pool poop poor pop popular porch possess pot powerful precise prefect pregnant preschool president press pretend pretty prey price princess problem proclivity prosper proud pumpkin punk pure purple purpose puzzle qualities queer quest question questions quick quiet quite quotes race radiator rage railroad rain ran rapture rare rat rate rats raven ray read ready real reality really realm reason rebecca red reef reflection rejection rel relationship relationships relax released replete represent resist response responsibility rest results retarded revolution rex rhyme rhyming rhythm rich ride right rim rising river road robot rock rocks roll romance romantic rome room root rose rot rough round row rude rule run ryan sack sad safety sam sand sarah sat sausage save scared scary school screen screw scrotum sea search searching season seat second secret seek seems seen semantic sense sensual sent serve service serving set seven sex sexy shack shade shadow shake shame shape share sharon sharp shine ship shirt shock shoe shoes shore shot shoulder shout show sick sigh sight sign silent silly silver sim similar simplicity sin singing six sixty skin skull slam sleeping small smart smell smelly smile smith snake snitch snooze snow soccer soda soft sold solve something sometimes son song songs sony soul sound soup south spark speak speaker special spectacular spell spent spider spit splash splendid split sport sports spring square stairs standard of living staring stars start started state station stay steak step stephanie steps steve stick sticks stock stone stones stood store storm story straight stranger street streets stress strike stroke strong stronger stuck student study stuff stunt stupid style sub sublime such suck sucker sugar suicide suit summer sunset sunshine super superior sure surface surprise surreal survive sweet sweetness swoon syllable sympathy symptoms synonyms system table take talent tan tank tardy target task taste taurus tea teacher team tears teeth tell ten tender tension term terrific terry test thank thanks thanksgiving thanksgiving day thank you that the these they thin thing things thinking thirst thirsty thirty this thorough those thought thousand threat three thug thunder tick tiger time times tin tina tine tingle tiny tion toad today toe told tom tomorrow ton tone tool tooth top touch town toy toys track trade trail train tranquility trash treasurer treat tree trees trevor trite trophy trouble truck true truth tummy tune turd turkey twelve twenty two type under unity universe unusual url use vain valentine variety vase venture verses victim violence vocabulary voice void vote wait waiting wake walk wall wanted war wars waste watch watching water waves way weapon wear weather web wedding weed weeks weight weird welcome went west whale wheel where while white whole wife wild win wind window windy wine wink wire wise wish witch with within without woe wolf woman women wonder wonderful wood woods word work world worlds worm worry worse worth worthless would wow wreck writer wrong yard yearn yellow york you youth zebra zero zone zoo

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