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functional, inorganic

Often used in the same context:
biodynamic, wholefood, organic fertilizer, humic acid, soilless, nut butter, inorganic, propanediol, biodegradable, nonfood, fulvic acid, sustainable, homogenized milk, decomposable, lacto, aronia, sphagnum, inorganic chemistry, chicory root, fermentable, composted, nutrient, nitrogenous, bean sprout, castile soap, propionic, alfalfa sprout, bast fiber, unfermented, unbleached, buttercrunch, unripened, unblended, rennet, cottonseed meal, xanthan, nondairy, healthful, macrobiotic, dioxane, potassium bicarbonate, vegetarian, nutritious, cacao bean, soap flakes, stemmy, raw milk, tartaric, phaseolus vulgaris, pima cotton, prewashed, lingonberry, leguminous, potato peelings, furfural, renewable, muscat grape, edible, repreve, concord grape, propionic acid, agricultural, pelleted, flexitarian, putrescible, potassium sulfate, additive, oat, stearic acid, degradable, diatomaceous, fermentative, ammoniated, sorbate, formic, comedogenic, hydrated lime, calendula officinalis, ethyl acetate, rhizosphere, xeric, halal, probiotic, sulphite, wholemeal, granulate, potassium alum, sulfite, butterhead lettuce, coffea arabica, adzuki bean, potassium carbonate, meadow fescue, starchier, arsenical, mung bean, kosher, sphagnum moss, panicum virgatum, chelated, finger millet, nutlike, chemistry, herbicide, absorbents, adhesives, availability, b, chemical, chemists, electrochemistry, fertiliser, fertilisers, fertilizers, financial, herbicides, industrial, legal, moral, pep, pesticide, nonorganic, oxidizable, nonvolatile, gaseous, humic, nonliving, protoplasmic, volatile, pectic, unreactive, amorphous, macromolecular, prebiotic, proteinaceous, assimilable, cellular

More specific:
bonemeal, fish meal, manure, neem cake

Appears in the definition of:
., abiogenesis, acetal, acetamide, acetone, acetyl, acetylene, acetyl group, acetyl radical, acid anhydrides, acid halide, activate, activity, acyl, acyl anhydrides, acyl group, acyl halide, aerate, affective disorder, ageing, aging, aldehyde, aliphatic compound, alkylbenzene, alkyl halide, alkyne, allyl, allyl group, allyl radical, amblyopia, amblyopic, amide, aminic, amino, aminoalkanoic acid, amino acid, amyl alcohol, aromatic, aromatic hydrocarbon, arp, arsine, astringent, atomic number 15, atomic number 6, autogenesis, autogeny, autophyte, autophytic, autophytic plant, autotroph, autotrophic, autotrophic organism, azoic, b-horizon, bacillus globigii, bacillus subtilis, barbiturate, biochemistry, bloom, blooming, bodily function, bodily process, body process, buchner, b horizon, carbon, carbon-14 dating, carbonic acid gas, carbon cycle, carbon dating, carbon dioxide, carboxyl, carboxylic acid, carboxyl group, cellular respiration, chain, charcoal, chemical chain, chlorination, chlorobenzene, clothes moth, co2, collembolan, compost, compost heap, compost pile, conjugate, conjugated, conversion, creatine phosphate, creatine phosphoric acid, cyanide, cyanohydrin, cyanuramide, cytokinesis, darwinian, darwinism, de-iodination, decay, decomposition, decompositional, dementedness, dementia, diamine, digestion, dimethyl ketone, dorothy hodgkin, dorothy mary crowfoot hodgkin, eduard buchner, emotional disorder, emotional disturbance, enol, ethanamide, ethanedioic acid, ethanoyl group, ethanoyl radical, ether, ethyne, fat, ferment, fermentation, fermenting, ga, genus bacillus, glyoxaline, grass bacillus, haem, haemitin, haloalkane, hans arp, hassel, hay bacillus, hematin, heme, hemiacetal, henry moore, henry spencer moore, heterotroph, heterotrophic, hodgkin, holistic, holistic medicine, holozoic, humic substance, humus, hydrocarbon, hydrochloride, hydrocyanic acid, hydrogenate, imidazole, imide, iminazole, implantation, infusoria, internal respiration, iodination, jean arp, karyokinesis, katharobe, katharobic, keratinisation, keratinization, ketone, lake, lamarckism, life, lipid, lipide, lipoid, loam, maggot, major affective disorder, major depressive episode, melamine, metabolic process, metabolism, metastasis, mildew, mold, moore, mould, naphthalene, neurochemical, neurosis, neuroticism, nidation, nitrate, nitrification, nitril, nitrile, nonsteroid, nonsteroidal, nutrition, odd hassel, organically, oxalic acid, parasitic plant, pathological process, pathologic process, petrifaction, phenol, phosphatase, phosphocreatine, phosphorus, phototrophic bacteria, phototropic bacteria, plasminogen, podsol, podsolic soil, podsol soil, podzol, podzol soil, potassium iodide, preservation, profess, propanone, propene, propyl, propylene, propyl group, propyl radical, protein, protoheme, proturan, prussic acid, psychoneurosis, purine, pyridine, pyrimidine, quaternary ammonium compound, radiocarbon dating, reabsorption, resorption, respiration, robert burns woodward, saffranine, safranin, safranine, saprobe, saprobic, sapropel, saprophyte, saprophytic, saprophytic organism, saturated, scavenger, secernment, secretion, senescence, spontaneous generation, springtail, steroid, subclass infusoria, sulfa, sulfa drug, sulfonamide, sulpha, tabun, telsontail, transcription, tumefaction, vascularisation, vascularization, vitamin, wiesenboden, woodward, wood coal, xanthic acid, zymolysis, zymosis

More general:

constituent, constitutional, constitutive, essential, integrated, natural, nonsynthetic, organic fertilizer, structured

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— Nouns for organic: matter, compounds, acids, material, solvents, substances, disease, chemistry, materials, molecules, life, more...

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