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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to nuclear:   (365 results)


Often used in the same context:
atomic, nuke, nuclear reactor, nonnuclear, atomic bomb, atom bomb, breeder reactor, pressurized water reactor, thermonuclear, atomic energy commission, nuclear regulatory commission, antinuclear, atomic energy, fissionable, nuclear warhead, radioactive waste, nuclear fission, nucular, ballistic missile, fission reactor, fissile, nuclear deterrence, radiological, radioactive material, icbm, radioactive, dprk, fusion reactor, thermonuclear reactor, korean peninsula, antisatellite, biological warfare, subcritical, denuclearized, fossil fuel, hydroelectric, kiloton, germ warfare, nuclear weapon, multistage rocket, americium, intercontinental ballistic missile, civilian, nonradioactive, nuclear power, leo szilard, uranium ore, dirty bomb, gigawatt, bunker buster, natural gas, thermonuclear warhead, nuclear terrorism, separative, hydro, aircraft carrier, megawatt, peaceful, north korea, decarbonized, antiballistic missile, hydropower, atomic warhead, mushroom cloud, submarine, arms control, luminant, angarsk, antineutrino, neutron bomb, synfuel, decarbonise, sabre rattling, atomic power, brigandish, henri becquerel, ionizing radiation, lebanese hizballah, greenhouse emission, nuclear energy, supercritical, wind farm, nuclear propulsion, anzus, fast reactor, rocket propellant, rocket propulsion, peace treaty, cooling tower, thermobaric bomb, naval, covert, novaya zemlya, atomic age, strategic arms limitation talks, transuranic, rare earth, missile defense system, diplomatic, geostrategic, chemical warfare, ayatollah khomeini, firepower, armament, munitions, arsenal, arsenals, aviation, axial, capability, deployments, national, production, sf, urban, warheads, aircraft, intelligence, missiles, reactors, rockets, station, missile, ballistic, fission, photovoltaic, reactor, offensive, cellular, defensive, nonconventional, renewable, survivable, antisubmarine, designed, landbased

Appears in the definition of:
., a-bomb, aboveground, absorber, ammunition, anaphase, andrei dimitrievich sakharov, andrei sakharov, arthur compton, arthur holly compton, atomic bomb, atomic energy, atomic number 40, atomic number 84, atomic number 90, atomic number 92, atomic number 94, atomic pile, atomic power, atomic reactor, atom bomb, averell harriman, barn, bethe, biomedical cloning, black lead, blanket, blowup, boiling water reactor, born, breeder reactor, broglie, burnup, bwr, capture, cataclysmic, chain reaction, chain reactor, chernobyl, cold fusion, compromise, compton, control rod, conventional, core, criticality, detonation, deuterium oxide, de broglie, directorate for inter-services intelligence, disintegrate, dismantling, endoergic, endoergic reaction, energy-absorbing, energy-releasing, enrico fermi, ernest rutherford, exoergic, exoergic reaction, explode, exploding, explosion, extended family, fail-safe, fallout, fast reactor, fermi, fireball, first baron rutherford, first baron rutherford of nelson, first strike, fissile, fission, fissionable, fission bomb, freeze, frisch, full-scale, fusion, fusion bomb, fusion reactor, fws, gas-cooled reactor, graphite, grassroots, great white hope, ground zero, h-bomb, hahn, hans albrecht bethe, hans bethe, harriman, heavy water, hideki yukawa, high-level radioactive waste, hydrogen bomb, hyman george rickover, hyman rickover, imperative, inter-services intelligence, isi, jean-frederic joliot, jean-frederic joliot-curie, joliot, joliot-curie, leo szilard, liquid metal reactor, lise meitner, load, long-range, los alamos, louis victor de broglie, magnetic resonance imaging, max born, megaton bomb, meitner, meltdown, minuteman, moderator, mri, mushroom, mushroom-shaped cloud, mushroom cloud, nautilus, non-proliferation, nonproliferation, novaya zemlya, nova zembla, nrc, nuclear-powered ship, nuclear-powered submarine, nuclear chemist, nuclear club, nuclear deterrence, nuclear energy, nuclear engineering, nuclear fission, nuclear fuel, nuclear fusion, nuclear fusion reaction, nuclear meltdown, nuclear physicist, nuclear power, nuclear propulsion, nuclear reactor, nuclear regulatory commission, nuclear rocket, nuclear submarine, nuclear terrorism, nuclear weapon, nuclear winter, nucleolar organiser, nucleolar organizer, nucleolus organiser, nucleolus organizer, otto frisch, otto hahn, otto robert frisch, overkill, pandemic, paper tiger, payload, pile, plumbago, plutonium, plutonium bomb, plutonium pit, plutonium trigger, po, polonium, possible, power, pressurized water reactor, proliferate, proliferation, pu, pwr, radiation, radiation sickness, radiation syndrome, radioactive dust, radioactivity, radiochemist, reactor, rickover, rutherford, sakharov, salt, sane, shielding, significance, spallation, spy satellite, strategic arms limitation talks, strontium 90, szilard, telophase, test ban, th, therapeutic cloning, thermal reactor, thermonuclear, thermonuclear bomb, thermonuclear reaction, thermonuclear reactor, thorium, transmutation, umma tameer-e-nau, united states fish and wildlife service, uranium, us fish and wildlife service, utn, warhead, water-cooled reactor, weapon-grade plutonium, weapons plutonium, weapon of mass destruction, white hope, widespread, william averell harriman, wmd, yukawa, zirconium, zr

atomic, central, thermonuclear

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