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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to mechanical:   (373 results)


Often used in the same context:
hydraulic, electrical, hydraulic pump, aerodynamic, electromechanical, ignition coil, malfunctioning, vibratory, piston rod, pitot, pneumatic, structural, aero, cotter pin, wiper motor, rodless, hexapod, rotor shaft, horizontal stabilizer, pintle, radial, stub axle, inlet manifold, electrodynamic, multiaxial, windscreen wiper, jackscrew, landing gear, propeller shaft, hydrodynamic, tail rotor, technical, kinematic, hydraulic ram, capillary tubing, ligamentous, idler pulley, radiator hose, avionic, epicyclic, steam boiler, tappet, robotic, patellar, torsional, gyroscopic, sheet metal, tubeless tire, reciprocating engine, faulty, hydrostatic, postural, vernier, flexural, synchronous motor, ignition switch, atrioventricular, fluidic, rheological, resettable, piezo, synchromesh, weld, gimbal, extensor, spindle, strain gage, frangible, nonconductive, helical gear, acoustical, inertial, semicircular canal, thermic, calorimetric, bilge pump, skidpan, centrifugal pump, glenoid, mechanical engineering, hydraulic brake, hydromechanical, unsynchronised, hydropneumatic, rattly, exhaust valve, magnetic monopole, tailstock, subassembly, torsion bar, detent, wind vane, antilock, forestay, spinal, voltage divider, poppet valve, valveless, airframe, condylar, nondestructive testing, defective, statics, engineering, instabilities, properties, eng, fundamentals, subsystem, thermal, actuator, actuators, analogue, analyser, analysers, applied, catalytic, chemical, components, coupling, chanical, dynamic, nonmechanical, biomechanical, electrochemical, thermomechanical, dynamical, integrative, ical, physicochemical, statical, thermodynamic, constitutive, dissipative, motivational, oscillatory

Appears in the definition of:
., air cushion, air spring, anchor, assembly line, auto-changer, automatically, automaton, ballistocardiograph, bellows, blower, broadcaster, bumper, cap, cardiac tamponade, cardiograph, carousel, carrousel, changer, churn out, claw, clockwork, compressor, computer hardware, copyholder, coupler, coupling, crimper, curler, cushion, cyrus hall mccormick, cyrus mccormick, damper, dash-pot, dehumanise, dehumanize, detonating device, detonator, diaphragm, dicer, double-geared, eating away, echolalia, electrical switch, electric motor, electric switch, electromechanical, electromechanical device, eli whitney, emergency, emergency brake, engine, enthalpy, entropy, eroding, erosion, erratum, escapement, express, external-combustion engine, extract, extraction, flight engineer, force-feed lubricating system, force feed, freehand, freehanded, fuel injection, fuel injection system, gas turbine, gearshift, gearstick, gear lever, generator, grab, ground tackle, hair curler, handling, hand brake, hardware, helm, hero, heron, hero of alexandria, hoist, hook, horizontal section, housing, hydrostatics, impact printer, industrial process, influence, james prescott joule, jitter, joule, key, kinetic energy, lego, lego set, lever, leverage, lift, line, linkage, literal, literal error, lubricating system, machine, mainspring, materials handling, mccormick, meccano, meccano set, mechanically, mechanical device, mechanical energy, mechanical mixture, mechanical system, mechanise, mechanize, merry-go-round, misprint, motor, muffler, nonmechanical, operation, orthodontic treatment, pantograph, parking brake, perpetual calendar, pickup, pickup arm, piezoelectricity, piezoelectric effect, piezo effect, piston, plunger, pneumatics, potential energy, pressing, pressure-feed lubricating system, pressure feed, press out, procedure, production line, propeller, propellor, pump, purchase, rachet, randomness, ratch, ratchet, record changer, resistance, ride, roller, roundabout, schematic, schematic drawing, second law of thermodynamics, seeder, servo, servomechanism, servosystem, shifter, shock, shock absorber, shutter, size stick, slippage, sound, specialised, specialized, splicer, splint, spreader, sprinkler, stator, stator coil, steel, stoker, stop, stretcher, striker, supply chamber, suspension, suspension system, swing, switch, tech, technical school, toneless, tone arm, touch, troubleshooter, trouble shooter, turbine, typo, typographical error, unmechanical, valve, vane, ventilating system, ventilation, ventilation system, vertical section, vibrator, voting machine, wearing, wearing away, weathervane, weather vane, wheelwork, whirligig, whitney, wind, winder, windscreen wiper, windshield wiper, wind up, wind vane, wiper, wiper blade, zombi, zombie

automatic, automatonlike, machinelike, mechanic, mechanically skillful, mechanistic, mechanized, nonhuman, robotlike, windup

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