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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to loose:   (452 results)

affixed, compact, confine, detain, stiffen, tight

Often used in the same context:
wayward, tight, tangled, retie, errant, maul, stray, untwisted, elastic, untidy, upfield, bootlace, unknotted, dislodged, sloppy, humpty, ragged, loosened, brittle, dazes, epoxied, bramble bush, hogtie, shinpad, clawless, hawsers, slippery, ball, knifelike, twisted, scramble, stoved, throw, shreds, slack, cleanly, bend, barky, chinked, unglued, clew, vicious, crosspieces, awkwardly, dislocate, ankles, underneath, unthreaded, roam, leathering, refasten, dewclaws, inside, tomahawking, unspotted, saddle horn, careless, glue, seams, scrag, screw, latch, dipsy, wobbly, scamper, bambi, corners, hex nut, mangy, tidily, tightfitting, grip, marauding, violently, alertly, welting, messy, viscously, nards, unclipped, garryowen, frays, bended, scrappy, upright, chase, feedbag, squalled, tighten, klepto, frisky, teethe, rawhide, midair, shoestrings, away, brass knucks, straps, rigid, rucks, ferocious, shackle, eights, afro, binder, hold, intervals, markets, rollers, sweats, themfelves, try, watermelon, again, alexandrines, ashlars, avalanches, binders, bra, breeches, brilliants, bunches, looser, loofe, loosest, crumbly, lightcolored, shapeless, coarse, friable, thinnest, torn, bloodstained, charred, crumpled, discoloured, encrusted, porous, soaked, frailest

More specific:
bail out, jimmy, lever, parole, prise, prize, pry, relax, run, slack, unbend, unchain, unscrew, unspell

Appears in the definition of:
., aba, abaya, achillea ptarmica, agnail, apocynum androsaemifolium, aster ptarmicoides, balloon sail, bamboo palm, banian, banyan, baste, baster, basting, bathrobe, becket, binder, biohazard suit, bocconia, bocconia frutescens, boilersuit, boilers suit, bow, bowknot, brand, broad-leaved montia, buckle, burka, burqa, bush jacket, butterhead lettuce, california buckwheat, callirhoe involucrata, calochortus macrocarpus, camise, carya ovata, chemise, chill, citrus reticulata, clatonia lanceolata, clip, cloak, coattail, collinsonia canadensis, common dogbane, cool, cool down, corallorhiza maculata, corydalis sempervirens, coverall, cowl, crime syndicate, daishiki, dandruff, dashiki, deflation, detritus, deutzia, dewlap, domino, drapery, dressing sack, dressing sacque, duster, dust coat, dwarf lycopod, early purple orchid, earth, embolism, en deshabille, erigonum fasciculatum, false miterwort, false mitrewort, family, family ustilaginaceae, fault, fern rhapis, figure eight, figure of eight, flab, flap, flyaway, friable, fumaria sempervirens, gabardine, gaberdine, garibaldi, gauze, genus ustilago, ground, hangnail, hawk's-beard, hawk's-beards, hexalectris warnockii, horseweed, horse balm, housecoat, in dishabille, ironweed, jammies, japanese privet, jellaba, jerusalem cricket, jumper, kimono, kurta, lactuca sativa crispa, leaf lettuce, let loose, light, ligustrum japonicum, loose-fitting, loose-jointed, loosely, loosen, malcolmia maritima, male orchis, mandarin, mandarin orange, mandarin orange tree, mantua, marl, miniature fan palm, mob, mold, montia cordifolia, mother hubbard, mould, musk rose, muumuu, neglige, negligee, netting, night-robe, nightdress, nightgown, nightie, norfolk jacket, oakum, ononis spinosa, orange-blossom orchid, orchis mascula, overall, pajamas, peeling, peignoir, pj's, playful, ploughshare, plowshare, powder, pretzel, pulverisation, pulverization, purple poppy mallow, pyjama, pyjamas, quicksand, rain-wash, relax, rest-harrow, restharrow, rhapis excelsa, rheumatism weed, richweed, ring-binder, robe, rock harlequin, rock spikemoss, roman wormwood, rosa moschata, run, sack, sacque, sagebrush mariposa tulip, salwar, sand, sandy, sand cricket, sarcochilus falcatus, sarong, saxifraga occidentalis, scree, selaginella rupestris, shagbark, shagbark hickory, shalwar, share, shellbark, shellbark hickory, shift, shovel, slack, slackness, slip stitch, smock, sneezeweed yarrow, sneezewort, sponge cloth, spotted coral root, spreading dogbane, spring beauty, stanhopea, stenopelmatus fuscus, stone-root, stoneroot, stone root, surcoat, surplice, sweat pants, syndicate, tacker, tacking, tailor's tack, talus, terry towel, texas purple spike, tiarella unifoliata, trammel, trammel net, tree celandine, tunic, turkish towel, ulster, unconsolidated, undo, unleash, untie, upland white aster, ustilaginaceae, ustilago, vanda, veiling, vernonia, virginian stock, virginia stock, western saxifrage, whig party, wild buckwheat, windsor tie, work, wrapper

More general:
let go, let go of, loosen, relax, release

at large, at liberty, baggy, coarse, easy, escaped, flyaway, free, friable, idle, inexact, informal, insecure, irresponsible, lax, let loose, liberal, liberate, light, loose-fitting, loosen, on the loose, open, phlegmy, promiscuous, regular, relax, release, sandy, shifting, silty, slack, sluttish, unaffixed, unbound, unchaste, unconsolidated, unconstipated, uncontrolled, unfirm, unleash, unloose, unofficial, unpackaged, wanton

Also try:
— Nouns for loose: ends, tissue, stones, sand, end, soil, material, earth, rock, skin, bodies, more...

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