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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to intellectual:   (329 results)

emotional, nonintellectual

Often used in the same context:
scholarly, ideational, literary, epistemic, ideological, lionel trilling, philosophic, erudite, academic, autodidactic, moral, epistemological, pedagogical, freethinking, theological, establishmentarian, cultural, polymathic, artistic, particularistic, cerebral, herbert marcuse, psychoanalytic, assimilative, utopian socialism, dialectical materialism, ferdinand de saussure, positivist, summum bonum, metaphysical, materialist, transcendentalist, polemical, journalistic, rationalistic, emancipatory, bourgeois, existentialist philosophy, unacademic, postmodernist, worldly, talcott parsons, logical positivism, discursive, platonist, freudian psychology, legalist, humanist, hannah arendt, pedagogic, illimitable, enlightened, sociocultural, parapsychological, unintellectual, philosophical, hemingwayesque, highbrow, poetical, religionist, martin heidegger, lit crit, delusory, conditioned reflex, empiricist, brahminical, masculinist, whiggish, irenic, objectivist, psychical, bookish, dialogic, rene descartes, solipsistic, political, jurisprudential, noetic, syllogistic, rhetorical, writerly, thomist, professorial, aristotelian, martin buber, protean, marxian, amour propre, leisured, ontological, existential, spiritual, thorstein veblen, sociopolitical, baconian, nouveau roman, feminist, universalizing, emulative, authorial, generative grammar, pietistic, intellectuals, educationalists, intelligentsia, scholars, sociologist, theoreticians, sociologists, academics, historians, journalists, commentators, educationists, literati, theoretician, artists, educators, leftists, liberal, lectual, tual, intellective, nonintellectual, tellectual, tural, ual, entrepreneurial, manysided, mental, volitional, physical, nurturing, civilizing

More specific:
alchemist, anomalist, aphorist, bel esprit, bibliophile, booklover, bookworm, book lover, brain, brainworker, classifier, doubter, egghead, genius, highbrow, illusionist, introvert, man of science, mastermind, mentor, mind, optimist, pedant, philosopher, ratiocinator, reasoner, sceptic, scholar, scholarly person, scholastic, scientist, seer, skeptic, speculator, student, subjectivist, theologian, theologist, theologizer, theoretician, theorist, thinker, visionary, wise man

Appears in the definition of:
., alfred binet, armory, arts, asceticism, astuteness, backward, backwardness, bas bleu, beautiful, benight, benumbed, binet, bluestocking, brain, brain drain, cerebrally, clerisy, clever clogs, clever dick, coerce, creative thinker, crib, decipherer, decoder, degeneracy, dense, depth, dim, disorienting, dull, dumb, edified, edifying, egghead, eidos, einstein, elite, elite group, enlightening, environmentalism, exalted, fecundity, feebleminded, force, fruitfulness, genius, glib, gnostic, hale, hereditarianism, high-flown, high-minded, highbrow, humane, humanistic discipline, humanities, idealistic, incapacity, incompetence, incompetency, incurious, intellect, intellectually, intelligentsia, james harvey robinson, jose ortega y gasset, left, liberal arts, lift, lofty, loot, lowbrow, lowbrowed, make-believe, mandarin, mastermind, material, mental, mental age, mental retardation, mind, mindlessly, nature, noble-minded, nonintellectual, noumenon, obtuse, ortega y gasset, owe, pabulum, paris university, philistine, pick's disease, plagiarise, plagiarize, plunder, prepared, pressure, pretence, pretense, profound, profoundness, profundity, quality of life, rarefied, rarified, refinement, retardation, right, robinson, robust, slow, slowness, sorbonne, squeeze, stupid, subnormality, synthesiser, synthesist, synthesizer, technician, thing-in-itself, thinker, thoughtful, ulama, ulema, uncultivated, unequipped, uninspired, university of paris, unprepared

More general:
human, individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul

cerebral, good, highbrow, highbrowed, intellect, mental, rational, reflective, serious, sophisticated

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— Nouns for intellectual: life, development, property, activity, history, rights, powers, power, ability, capacity, faculties, more...

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