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bogus, phony, misleading, untrue, erroneous, fraudulent, fictitious, inaccurate, fake, fallacious, unsubstantiated, incorrect, untruthful, spurious, phoney, unfounded, specious, exaggerated, baseless, dishonest, groundless, fictious, unverified, distorted, deceptive, inflated, false pretenses, unverifiable, truthful, doctored, perjurious, contradictory, self fulfilling prophecy, slanderous, mendacious, defamatory, perjured, faulty, correct, illusory, disingenuous, deceitful, wrong, worthless, unprovable, wrongful, falsifiable, dubious, illusionary, unwarranted, misrepresentative, provable, true, preposterous, accurate, absurd, alarmist, unreliable, false pretense, tendentious, improper, factual, conflicting, credulous, incriminating, misguiding, sham, insincere, scurrilous, uncredible, gullible, insulting, sensationalist, calumnious, irresponsible, unsupportable, wishful thinking, unsupported, unextinguished, nonsensical, ludicrous, factitious, ridiculous, unrealistic, flimsy, phantom, uncorroborated, delusive, implausible, wishful, cognisable, overblown, counterfeit, invalid, legitimate, ungrounded, contrary, disprovable, inauthentic, illogical, valueless, accusatory, compare, null, e, f, holds, j, nil, pro, \u00bb, all, b, ch, max, q, short, assertion, blame, c, cf, falfe, untenable, optimistic, falsest, pessimistic, truer, wellfounded, oversimplified, preconceived

Appears in the definition of:
., affectedness, alfred dreyfus, artful, baal, bearing false witness, bluff, boehmeria, buncombe, bunk, bunkum, calumniously, camelina sativa, chelonethida, cloak, conceited, conditional relation, confute, contradict, contradiction, contradiction in terms, contradictory, contrary, controvert, cover, cozen, crocodile tears, debunk, deceive, delude, diametrically, diphtheria, disbelieve, discover, discredit, disenchanting, disenchantment, disillusion, disillusioning, disillusionment, disingenuous, disproof, disprove, dissemble, dissembling, dissimulating, dissimulative, distort, dreyfus, egotistic, egotistical, entice, equivocation, eucalyptus viminalis, evasion, expose, fable, fabrication, falsehood, falsely, falseness, false glottis, false pretence, false pretense, false statement, false witness, falsification, falsify, falsifying, falsity, family helvellaceae, family megadermatidae, fancy, fantasy, feigning, fiction, follow, four flush, frame-up, fraud in fact, garble, genus boehmeria, genus maianthemum, genus nimravus, genus phoradendron, genus scleroderma, genus trautvetteria, glottis spuria, gold of pleasure, great-leaved macrophylla, guff, helvellaceae, hogwash, hollow, humbleness, humility, illusion, implication, impugn, intrinsic fraud, jactitation, kid, kidnapping, large-leaved cucumber tree, large-leaved magnolia, lead on, libel, logical implication, lull, lure, lying under oath, magnolia macrophylla, maianthemum, malvastrum coccineum, manna gum, mask, masquerade, megadermatidae, meretriciousness, misbelieve, misinform, mislead, negate, negation, nimravus, optical illusion, order chelonethida, order pseudoscorpiones, order pseudoscorpionida, paradox, pass off, perjurer, perjury, phantasy, phoradendron, positive fraud, prairie mallow, pretence, pretending, pretense, pretension, pretentiousness, professing, profession, proposition, pseudophloem, pseudoscorpiones, pseudoscorpionida, pull the leg of, rebut, red false mallow, refutation, refute, rima respiratoria, rima vestibuli, ringer, rot, scleroderma, scotch asphodel, self-conceited, setup, simulation, slanderously, snatch, sour, specious, speciousness, sphaeralcea coccinea, spirit gum, spurious, spuriously, suborn, subornation of perjury, switch, swollen, swollen-headed, tax evasion, tempt, tofieldia pusilla, trautvetteria, trivially, true, true-false, untruth, vain, warp, wounding, wrongly

artificial, assumed, counterfeit, delusive, dishonest, dishonorable, faithlessly, fake, faux, fictitious, fictive, hollow, imitation, imitative, inconstant, incorrect, inharmonious, insincere, invalid, mendacious, mistaken, off-key, pretended, put on, sham, simulated, sour, specious, traitorously, treacherously, treasonably, trumped-up, unharmonious, unreal, unrealistic, untrue, wrong

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