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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to dirty:   (326 results)

clean, make clean, uncontaminating, unobjectionable

Often used in the same context:
filthy, stinky, smelly, grubby, grimy, clean, yucky, nasty, soiled, mucky, sleazy, scummy, slimy, greasy, disgusting, unclean, messy, dirty laundry, unsavory, mildewy, shabbiest, putrid, sweaty, stained, foetid, augean stables, trashy, foulest, verminous, ugly, vile, ungreen, sneaky, stupid, naughty, unsoiled, unhygienic, skanky, unpretty, seedy, bad, dusty, scrubbing brush, bloody, lazy, poo, malodorous, grungy, unironed, fetid, unwashed, boring, dodgy, miry, minging, cruddy, maggoty, dangerous, wet, muddy, polluted, unsanitary, rotten, revolting, axle grease, unladylike, noisome, wishy, smeared, scabby, lousy, moldy, icky, unkept, rid, corrupt, scaredy, ratty, scuzzball, hoggish, nitty, repulsive, uncleaned, whore, dingy, sloppy, drivelling, dumb, crooked, cheap, dishonorable, sordid, dirty linen, blankety, dirty tricks, devious, sooty, disrespectable, gunky, smudged, scarey, easy, dry, kills, smack, ben, dirt, dive, down, elbow, erasures, fix, gay, grenville, homespun, intimacies, jab, jump, levis, lightning, modem, dirtiest, dirtier, shabby, funny, cleanest, neatest, prettier, pretty, spattered, bloodstained, crummy

More specific:
blemish, contaminate, crock, foul, mire, muck, muck up, mud, muddy, muddy up, pollute, slime, smear, splash, spot

Appears in the definition of:
., about, around, augean, augean stables, automysophobia, base, baseborn, bedraggle, befouled, begrime, bemire, besmirch, boilersuit, boilers suit, busboy, chafeweed, clothes basket, clothes hamper, colly, defile, deflower, dingy, dirtiness, dirty-faced, dirty war, dirty word, dog, escutcheon, excuse, filthy, fingermark, fingerprint, finger plate, foul, fouled, frowsy, frowzy, germy, gnaphalium sylvaticum, grime, jammed, laundry basket, lewd, looking, lousy, maculate, manginess, messy, mucky, muddy, muddy up, mussy, nasty, oil change, overall, ragamuffin, rathole, sanitary condition, scrimy, scutcheon, scut work, seediness, shabbiness, shitwork, slattern, slovenly, slovenly woman, smear, smirch, smut, smuttiness, snot-nosed, snotty, soil, sootiness, stain, streaky, sully, tarnish, tatterdemalion, tatty, trick, trollop, unappealingly, voider, waiter's assistant, wash out, waste, wood cudweed

More general:
alter, change

awful, bawdy, bedraggled, befouled, begrime, begrimed, bemire, bespattered, besplashed, black, blasphemous, blue, buggy, cheating, colly, contaminated, contaminating, corrupt, dingy, dirty-minded, draggled, dust-covered, dusty, fecal, feculent, filthy, flyblown, foul, foul-mouthed, foul-spoken, fouled, greasy, grime, grimy, grubby, grungy, hostile, ill-gotten, illegal, illegible, impure, infected, lewd, lousy, maculate, marked-up, mucky, muddied, muddy, nasty, obscene, off-color, oily, profane, ribald, salacious, scabrous, scatological, scummy, septic, smeared, smirched, smudged, smudgy, smutty, snot-nosed, snotty, soil, soiled, sordid, spattered, splashed, squalid, stormy, travel-soiled, travel-stained, unclean, unfair, unjust, unsporting, unsportsmanlike, unswept, unwashed

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— Nouns for dirty: work, water, clothes, hands, dishes, word, trick, tricks, linen look, laundry, more...

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