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Definitions of dirty:
  • verb:   make soiled, filthy, or dirty
  • adjective:   expressing or revealing hostility or dislike
    Example: "Dirty looks"
  • adjective:   obtained illegally or by improper means
    Example: "Dirty money"
  • adjective:   (of a manuscript) defaced with changes
    Example: "Foul (or dirty) copy"
  • adjective:   vile; despicable
    Example: "A dirty (or lousy) trick"
  • adjective:   (of color) discolored by impurities; not bright and clear
    Example: "Dirty is often used in combination"
  • adjective:   unpleasantly stormy
    Example: "There's dirty weather in the offing"
  • adjective:   soiled or likely to soil with dirt or grime
    Example: "Dirty unswept sidewalks"
  • adjective:   (of behavior or especially language) characterized by obscenity or indecency
    Example: "Dirty words"
  • adjective:   spreading pollution or contamination; especially radioactive contamination
    Example: "The air near the foundry was always dirty"
  • adjective:   unethical or dishonest
    Example: "Dirty police officers"
  • adjective:   contaminated with infecting organisms
    Example: "Dirty wounds"
  • adjective:   violating accepted standards or rules
    Example: "A dirty fighter"

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