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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to bell:   (416 results)

clapper, sound bow, tongue

Often used in the same context:
opening bell, closing bell, bell ringing, knell, chimes, ringing, tintinnabulation, sleigh bell, alarm bell, bugle, doorbell, klaxon, lutine bell, siren, carillon, bell tower, claxon, tocsin, shofar, clanging, belfry, peal, clapper, handbell, jingling, beep, campanile, alarm, tinkles, clank, steeple, quarterdeck, death knell, foghorn, whistles, horn, reveille, cowbell, clop, semaphore, kettledrums, clinks, bell ringer, roundhouse, crozier, whinnies, whump, alarm clock, dendrochronology, trumpets, muezzin, dinging, portcullis, zucchetto, uppercut, canterbury, moos, dials, haymakers, beeper, knocker, lariat, ringer, treadle, doorknocker, weather vane, whizzer, tabernacle, penny, bellow, angelus, wind chimes, kneeler, censer, chirrup, whippoorwill, agogo, victrola, candlestick, alleluia, hallelujahs, spire, carol, ropes, cupolas, call, bronco buster, buzzers, sawhorse, earings, doorpost, birdcall, rosie, rattling, clonk, fifes, baa, hooter, smoke alarm, clacks, calliope, timekeeper, bells, barrow, gong, kettle, kite, lantern, jug, box, crane, crate, cross, crow, cup, dipper, lock, rose, sled, swan, trumpet, thin, bow, broke, bronzed, cigar, dawn, epicene, frog, heather, honey, lipped, lovely, mortified, mulish, openhearted, pasty, prettier, pretty, sheet

More specific:
angelus, angelus bell, carillon, cascabel, church bell, cowbell, death bell, death knell, dinner bell, electric bell, fire bell, handbell, knell, liberty bell, night bell, school bell, sheep bell, shop bell, sleigh bell, tocsin, warning bell

Appears in the definition of:
., achimenes, alarm bell, alexander melville bell, angelus, angelus bell, atropa belladonna, balloon seat, belfry, bell-bottom, bell-bottomed, bell-shaped, belladonna, bellbird, bellflower, bellpull, bells of ireland, bellwether, bellwort, bell buoy, bell gable, bell glass, bell jar, bell magpie, bell morel, bell pepper, bell push, bell ringer, bell seat, bell shape, bell tent, bell the cat, bell tower, black fritillary, bluebell, bong, brown bells, bruckenthalia spiculifolia, california bluebell, calochortus kennedyi, calochortus luteus, calochortus nuttallii, campana, campanile, campanula, campanular, campanulate, campanulated, campanula rotundifolia, cape hyacinth, capsicum annuum grossum, carillon, cascabel, cassiope mertensiana, ceiba, checkerberry, church bell, clapper, clematis viorna, convallaria majalis, cornet, cowbell, creeping wintergreen, crown imperial, crystal tea, cupflower, curfew, currawong, cuscuta gronovii, daphne, deadly nightshade, death bell, death knell, desert mariposa tulip, ding, ding-dong, dingdong, dinner bell, dogbane, dong, electric bell, epacris, erica carnea, eustoma grandiflorum, false azalea, fetterbush, fire alarm, fire bell, florist's gloxinia, fool's huckleberry, forsythia, freestanding, fritillaria affinis, fritillaria agrestis, fritillaria biflora, fritillaria imperialis, fritillaria lanceolata, fritillaria liliaceae, fritillaria micrantha, fritillaria mutica, fritillaria parviflora, fritillaria recurva, galtonia candicans, gaultheria procumbens, gentiana acaulis, gentianella, genus ceiba, genus digitalis, genus hermannia, genus strepera, gloxinia, gloxinia spesiosa, gong buoy, ground-berry, groundberry, handbell, harebell, he-huckleberry, heath, hermannia, hibiscus syriacus, horn, hot water plant, hyacinthus candicans, knell, labrador tea, leather flower, ledum groenlandicum, liberty bell, light, lilies of the valley, lily of the valley, linnaea borealis, love vine, lyonia ligustrina, maleberry, male berry, martynia, martynia annua, may lily, melville bell, menziesia ferruginea, merry bells, mission bells, molucca balm, molucella laevis, mountain andromeda, mountain fetterbush, mountain tea, nierembergia, noisemaker, occupation, paprika, phacelia campanularia, pieris floribunda, pimento, pimiento, prairie gentian, privet andromeda, pyrola elliptica, rallying, recast, rhododendron, rice-grain fritillary, ring, ringing, rose of sharon, scarce, scarcely, scarlet fritillary, school bell, sego lily, sheep bell, shinleaf, ship's bell, shop bell, silver bell, sinningia speciosa, sleeping hibiscus, sleigh bell, sound, sound bow, spike heath, spring heath, stink bell, stopping point, strepera, styrax, summer hyacinth, sweet pepper, sweet pepper plant, teaberry, telephone bell, thomas augustus watson, ting, tinkle, tinkling, tinkly, tintinnabulate, tintinnabulation, tocsin, toll, tone, tongue, trump, trumpet, tulip gentian, twinflower, vase-fine, vase vine, verpa, visible speech, warning bell, watson, waxmallow, wax mallow, white fritillary, white heather, wild lily of the valley, wild oats, wintergreen, winter heath, yellow mariposa tulip

Part of:
blunderbuss, funnel, wind, wind instrument

More general:
acoustic device, artificer, attach, button, curve, curved shape, discoverer, inventor, opening, percussion instrument, percussive instrument, push, push button, sound, time unit, unit of time

alexander bell, alexander graham bell, bell shape, buzzer, campana, chime, doorbell, gong, ship's bell

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