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Words and phrases that rhyme with form:   (583 results)

1 syllable:
-form, corm, dorm, dorme, forme, horme, norm, norme, orme, phpstorm, schwarm, scorm, slorm, storm, swarm, torme, warm, xform

2 syllables:
age norm, arkstorm, aswarm, ausform, barnstorm, bestorm, biform, blamestrorm, blogswarm, bloodstorm, brainstorm, by-form, cairngorm, conform, conforme, deform, deforme, difform, difforme, dust-storm, duststorm, dust storm, efform, enform, enorm, enorme, firestorm, flexform, freeform, hailstorm, ice storm, inform, informe, jotform, landform, landstorm, lauwarm, lifeform, lightstorm, line storm, lukewarm, maelstorm, misform, outform, outstorm, perform, perform', planform, platform, plattform, pliform, pre-storm, preform, pro-form, proform, rainstorm, raystorm, re-form, reform, rewarm, sandstorm, slipform, snowstorm, springform, t-norm, t-storm, transform, triform, tubeform, unform, unwarm, upswarm, waveform, webform, whereform, wildstorm, windstorm, z-transform

3 syllables:
aciform, acneform, aeriform, alestorm, aliform, anguiform, ansiform, aquiform, arciform, auriform, bacciform, beeldenstorm, benidorm, boniform, boviform, branchiform, brianstorm, bromoform, bulbiform, bulletstorm, bulliform, bursiform, cactiform, calciform, cancriform, capriform, castlestorm, cauliform, celliform, chancriform, cheliform, chloroform, chloroforme, chyliform, ciliform, cineform, cirriform, claviform, coliform, colliform, cominform, conchiform, coniform, cordiform, cordoform, corniform, coryneform, costiform, cribriform, cross-platform, crossplatform, cruciform, cruciforme, cteniform, cubiform, cultriform, cuniform, curviform, cymbiform, deiform, dendriform, dentiform, disciform, disinform, dolioform, ensiform, equiform, fabiform, falciform, feliform, fibriform, ficiform, filiform, filiforme, floriform, fluoroform, fundiform, fungiform, funiform, funnelform, fusiform, galliform, gangliform, gasiform, gastronorm, gemmiform, geostorm, ginglyform, glandiform, graniform, gruiform, guttiform, halestorm, haloform, hamiform, harengiform, homiform, hydriform, inconform, isoform, janiform, juliform, kaliform, kidney-form, lanciform, land-reform, land reform, larviform, lentiform, leptiform, letterform, libriform, ligniform, lindiform, linguiform, lituiform, luciform, luniform, lupiform, lyriform, maidenform, mammiform, maniform, microform, misinform, misreform, mitriform, montiform, moriform, motorstorm, muciform, multiform, mummiform, muriform, musciform, myrtiform, napiform, nariform, nasiform, natiform, nautiform, nitroform, noisestorm, nuciform, nummiform, omniform, oriform, outperform, oviform, paliform, palpiform, pappiform, pediform, peltiform, penniform, perciform, phylliform, piliform, piniform, pinniform, piriform, pisciform, pisiform, planiform, plexiform, poriform, preconform, punctiform, puriform, pyriform, quadriform, rabiform, ralliform, ramiform, raniform, remiform, reniform, restiform, retiform, retransform, riziform, rostriform, rotiform, rubiform, sacciform, salpiform, salverform, scalpriform, scapiform, scobiform, scombriform, scopiform, scoriform, scrotiform, scutiform, scyphiform, selliform, semiform, seminorm, septiform, serriform, setiform, silver storm, soliform, space platform, spathiform, spiciform, spiniform, spongiform, squaliform, squamiform, stelliform, stilliform, stipiform, stratiform, strigiform, strumiform, styliform, subuliform, sudiform, sulciform, tauriform, technivorm, tectiform, terraform, theiform, thermoform, thunderstorm, tubiform, turdiform, unciform, unciforme, uncoform, unconform, unguiform, uniform, uniforme, ursiform, utriform, valviform, variform, vasiform, vergiform, veriform, vermiform, villiform, vitriform, vulviform, zosteriform

4 syllables:
aciniform, acneiform, actiniform, adeniform, amentiform, amoebiform, ampulliform, anginiform, anguilliform, anseriform, antenniform, antheriform, arboriform, asbestiform, ascidiform, axiniform, bacilliform, baculiform, basaltiform, botuliform, bufoniform, calathiform, calcariform, calceiform, calyciform, campaniform, caniniform, capilliform, cerebriform, choleriform, choreiform, ciliiform, clypeiform, columbiform, columniform, cook up a storm, coralliform, coroniform, corticiform, corymbiform, cotyliform, crateriform, cuculiform, cucumiform, cumuliform, cuneiform, cupuliform, cyathiform, cylindriform, cypriniform, cypseliform, digitiform, disuniform, diversiform, dolabriform, drepaniform, dress uniform, drilling platform, electric storm, electroform, elytriform, emboliform, eruciform, etheriform, extractiform, falconiform, fibrilliform, filariform, fistuliform, flabelliform, flagelliform, foveiform, fungilliform, funiliform, galeiform, ganglioform, granitiform, granuliform, herpetiform, humaniform, hydatiform, iodoform, lachrymiform, lageniform, lamelliform, lebensreform, licheniform, limaciform, lumbriciform, magnetic storm, malleiform, mamilliform, mammilliform, maxilliform, medusiform, membraniform, metalliform, meteor swarm, molariform, monadiform, moniliform, morbilliform, multi-platform, multiplatform, muscariform, neuralgiform, nonuniform, nucleiform, obpyriform, oculiform, ostreiform, ovaliform, overinform, overperform, pampiniform, panduriform, papilliform, passeriform, patelliform, pateriform, pectiniform, petaliform, pileiform, placentiform, plumiliform, poculiform, polypiform, proteiform, psittaciform, pumiciform, pustuliform, puzzle-platform, racemiform, radiciform, raduliform, resiniform, rostelliform, ruiniform, sagittiform, saliniform, samariform, sandaliform, scalariform, scutelliform, securiform, serpentiform, soleiform, somatoform, spiculiform, stalactiform, stalactoform, stipitiform, strobiliform, strombuliform, subpyriform, tabetiform, tetaniform, trapeziform, trichiuriform, tubuliform, umbelliform, umbiliform, underperform, urceiform, vacciniform, vaporiform, variciform, verruciform, violent storm, weapons platform, ypsiliform

5 syllables:
aciculiform, acinaciform, acinetiform, aculeiform, aluminiform, alveoliform, ambulacriform, amianthiform, amygdaliform, apoplectiform, araneiform, aspergilliform, campaniliform, cochleariform, cocleariform, columelliform, coraciiform, ectocuniform, electrical storm, embryoniform, entocuniform, epileptiform, equisetiform, gelatiniform, google cloud platform, heroes of the storm, hippocrepiform, hydatidiform, hyperboliform, hypocrateriform, isopodiform, labyrinthiform, laniariform, madreporiform, mandibuliform, mesocuniform, nitro-chloroform, nitrochloroform, operculiform, ovopyriform, paraboliform, pelecaniform, penicilliform, plataleiform, proboscidiform, radiatiform, salamandriform, scarlatiniform, schizophreniform, semipenniform, siliqyiform, stalactitiform, tentaculiform, umbraculiform, varicelliform, varioliform, vesiculiform, zeolitiform

6 syllables:
acetabuliform, adipoceriform, entocuneiform, infundibuliform, mesocuneiform, political platform, terebratuliform

7 syllables:
military uniform, operation desert storm

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (106 results)

1 syllable:
farm, worm, germ, squirm, smarm, sperm, therm, charm, arm, firm, term, harm

2 syllables:
unfirm, alarm, tongue worm, affirm, tree farm, beard worm, short-term, disarm, confirm, rearm, long-term, tone arm, dew worm, unarm, infirm, truck farm, wheat germ, full term, forearm, law firm, becharm, full-term, hold firm, home-farm, re-arm, red worm, schoolmarm, school term, side arm, small-arm, stand firm, straight-arm, strong-arm, stud farm

3 syllables:
underarm, buy the farm, army worm, bladder worm, middle term, minor term, reconfirm, reaffirm, smoke alarm, rocker arm, ribbon worm, guinea worm, funny farm, major term, dairy farm, business firm, cattle farm, contact arm, endoderm, episperm, fishing worm, good luck charm, isotherm, mesoderm, peanut worm, pickup arm, prison farm, prison term, railroad worm, remain firm, service firm, sewage farm, velvet worm, wiper arm, writing arm

4 syllables:
fire alarm, brokerage firm, burglar alarm, measuring worm, collective farm, accounting firm, annelid worm, carry to term, consulting firm, insurance firm, investment firm, potato worm, proboscis worm, publishing firm, removal firm, segmented worm, tomato worm, vinegar worm

5 syllables:
academic term, chordamesoderm, chordomesoderm, degree of a term, parasitic worm, presidential term, securities firm

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