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Words and phrases that rhyme with dietaries:   (305 results)

2 syllables:
aeries, aires, aries, barries, barry's, berries, berris, berry's, berrys, buries, bury's, burys, carey's, caries, carries, cherries, cherry's, claries, dairies, eyries, faeries, fairies, ferries, ferry's, ferrys, gary's, gerry's, harries, harry's, harrys, herreys, jerries, jerry's, jerrys, karis, kerrey's, kerries, kerry's, l-series, larry's, maries, marries, mary's, marys, p-series, parries, parrys, perries, perry's, prairie's, sherri's, sherries, sherry's, sherrys, skerries, steres, tarries, teres, terese, terries, terry's, terrys, their ease, varies, varys, wherries

3 syllables:
antares, aperies, aylesburys, baneberries, barberries, bayberries, bearberries, ben & jerry's, bilberries, blackberries, blaeberries, blueberries, boxberries, bullaries, bunchberries, burberries, burberrys, cadbury's, canaries, carberry's, chokeberries, chokecherries, cloudberries, costmaries, cowberries, cranberries, crowberries, dewberries, dogberries, equerries, ford f-series, gallberries, glengarries, gooseberries, gossaries, granaries, hackberries, histerese, hymnaries, inkberries, juneberries, knobkerries, libraries, library's, miscarries, mulberries, newbury's, otaries, pierie's, pillsbury's, piscaries, pokeberries, primaries, rameriz, raspberries, remarries, rosemaries, sainsburys, sectaries, sextaries, snowberries, soapberries, strawberries, subseries, sudbury's, teaberries, ternaries, thornberry's, thornberrys, thornbury's, thornburys, turbaries, votaries, waxberries, wildberries, wineberries, wolfberries, youngberries, zseries

4 syllables:
accessaries, adversaries, ancillaries, apiaries, aviaries, axillaries, barillari's, boysenberries, breviaries, buenos aires, candleberries, canterbury's, capillaries, cassowaries, catenaries, cemeteries, centenaries, checkerberries, chinaberries, commentaries, commissaries, coralberries, corollaries, coronaries, dangleberries, dictionaries, dignitaries, dingleberries, dispensaries, docu-series, dromedaries, elderberries, emissaries, estuaries, farkleberries, februaries, february's, formicaries, formularies, fritillaries, fructuaries, functionaries, huckleberries, insectaries, janissaries, januaries, january's, lamaseries, lapidaries, lectionaries, legionaries, lingonberries, loganberries, luminaries, mandataries, maxillaries, mercenaries, mesenteries, metaseries, militaries, military's, mini-series, miniseries, missionaries, monasteries, mortuaries, necessaries, ordinaries, ossuaries, ostiaries, partridgeberries, pensionaries, phalansteries, polyparies, proletaries, quaternaries, questionaries, reliquaries, rowanberries, salmonberries, sanctuaries, sanctuarize, savageries, secondaries, secretaries, secretaries', secretary's, seminaries, septenaries, serviceberries, solitaries, statuaries, subsidaries, temporaries, termitaries, tertiaries, the cranberries, thimbleberries, topiaries, tributaries, tunicaries, vestiaries, veterinaries, voluntaries, vulneraries, whortleberries, winterberries, zedoaries

5 syllables:
antiphonaries, apothecaries, bicentenaries, concubinaries, confectionaries, confectioneries, constabularies, contemporaries, coparcenaries, cosignitaries, cotemporaries, depositaries, distributaries, electuaries, extraordinaries, fiduciares, fiduciaries, imaginaries, incendiaries, itineraries, judiciaries, juniper berries, justiciaries, obituaries, officiaries, pituitaries, preliminaries, proprietaries, prothonotaries, reactionaries, sexcentenaries, stipendiaries, subsidiaries, subsidiaries', subsidiary's, tercentenaries, vocabularies, voluptuaries

6 syllables:
beneficiaries, beneficiary's, eleemosynaries, intermediaries, paramilitaries, quatercentenaries, revolutionaries, supernumeraries, traveling wilburys, undersecretaries, usufructuaries, valetudinaries

7 syllables:

8 syllables:

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