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nutty, bonkers, batty, walnuts, bananas, wacko, cashews, twinkies, lunatic, graham flour, hickory nut, macadamias, cheerios, peanuts, nutso, raisin, oreos, pecans, rolled oats, crap, crazies, potatos, apeshit, filberts, looney, almonds, hazelnuts, whacko, pistachios, nutter, crackers, cheetos, limas, dewberries, loony, melba toast, brussels sprout, matzah meal, canned, loopy, raisin bran, bean sprout, farfel, mache, tofurkey, carob, bok choi, favas, fruit cocktail, sapodilla, juice, oaty, fanatic, drupes, pistachio nut, castor sugar, pimientos, inshell, bulgar, kooks, roquette, candied citrus peel, figs, kibbles, matzoh meal, plotz, twinkie, tomatos, crapola, blintz, brie cheese, beany, chicky, pimentos, demerara, celery, mayonaise, corn muffin, carrots, bean, monterey jack, cos lettuce, pot likker, boohooing, fruit, alfalfa sprout, kishke, honey, carob powder, mushrooms, bacon rind, apricots, potatoe, tapioca pudding, vidalia onion, coconuts, granola, broccoli, nutella, nutshells, unground, oatmeal, nut, acorns, beans, seeds, kernels, yams, clams, currants, mussels, pumpkins, onions, pears, peas, harvested, shriveled, mashed, cooked, crunchy, uncooked, unripe, edible, fermented, fresh, freshly, inedible, moldy, mouldy, nutritious, shrivelled, sour, sweet, boiled, cocoanut

Appears in the definition of:
., acrocomia aculeata, acrocomia vinifera, aleurites moluccana, allegheny chinkapin, almond, almond tree, alnus crispa, alnus veridis crispa, american beech, amygdalus communis, amygdalus communis amara, anacardium occidentale, araucaria araucana, areca, areca catechu, arolla pine, babacu oil, babassu, babassu oil, babassu palm, baklava, banana split, beaked hazelnut, beech, beech tree, bertholletia excelsa, betel palm, bitternut, bitternut hickory, bitter almond, bitter hickory, bitter pecan, bitter pignut, black hickory, blend, blend in, bonbon, brazil-nut tree, brazil nut, brownie, brown hickory, butternut, butternut tree, california black walnut, candlenut, candy, caramel bun, carya aquatica, carya cordiformis, carya glabra, carya illinoensis, carya illinoinsis, carya myristicaeformis, carya myristiciformis, carya ovata, caryocar, cashew, cashew tree, castanea chrysophylla, castanea mollissima, castanea pumila, castanopsis chrysophylla, cembra nut tree, chestnut, chestnut tree, chile pine, chinese chestnut, chinquapin, chrysolepis chrysophylla, coco de macao, coffee ring, coffee roll, cohune, cohune-nut oil, cohune fat, cohune nut, cohune oil, cohune palm, cola, cola acuminata, corozo, corozo palm, corylus cornuta, coyol, coyol palm, crunched, date-nut bread, dimocarpus longan, dolmas, dope, durian, dwarf chestnut, earthnut, eastern chinquapin, enrobe, euphoria litchi, fagus americana, fagus grandifolia, family juglandaceae, family santalaceae, feed, frozen pudding, fruitcake, gather, genus caryocar, genus cola, genus pterocarya, giant chinkapin, golden chinkapin, goober, goober pea, goora nut, granola, green alder, gri-gri, groundnut, grugru, grugru palm, handle, hazel, hazelnut, hazelnut tree, hazel tree, hickory, hickory tree, honey bun, ivory-nut palm, ivory palm, ivory plant, jatropha curcus, juglandaceae, juglans californica, juglans cinerea, kola, kola nut, kola nut tree, longan, longanberry, lungen, macadamia nut, macadamia nut tree, macadamia ternifolia, macamba, macrozamia, mast, monkey nut, monkey puzzle, nephelium longana, nougat, nut, nutbrown, nutcracker, nutcrackers, nuthatch, nutlike, nutmeg hickory, nutty, nut bar, nut bread, nut butter, nut tree, orbignya cohune, orbignya martiana, orbignya phalerata, orbignya spesiosa, palm oil, panocha, panoche, peanut, pecan, pecan tree, penoche, penuche, physic nut, phytelephas macrocarpa, pignut, pignut hickory, pinus cembra, pistachio, pistachio tree, pistacia vera, pomaderris apetala, prunus amygdalus, prunus dulcis, prunus dulcis amara, pterocarya, raisin-nut cookie, ravenala, ravenala madagascariensis, red beech, sandalwood family, santalaceae, schnecken, shagbark, shagbark hickory, shell, shellbark, shellbark hickory, snout beetle, split, standardization, sticky bun, stir, stuffed grape leaves, stuffed mushroom, swamp hickory, sweet almond, sweet roll, swiss pine, swiss stone pine, torte, traveler's tree, traveller's tree, unpackaged, varnish tree, vegetarian, waldorf salad, walnut family, water bitternut, water hickory, white beech, white walnut

balmy, barmy, bats, batty, bonkers, buggy, cracked, crackers, daft, dotty, fruity, haywire, insane, kookie, kooky, loco, loony, loopy, nutty, wacky

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