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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

ax, axe, baca, bacchi, bacchus, baccus, back, backe, backed, backer, backsaw, backus, bacus, bak, bakes, bakke, bakker, bakst, balks, bank's, bankes, banks, banks', basks, basques, bass, basse, baths, bats, batts, batz, baxa, baxt, beck's, becks, beeks, berkes, bikes, birkes, birks, bix, black's, blacks, blacks', book's, books, books', box, boxx, buchs, buck's, bucks, burke's, burkes, burks, cac's, caq's, dacs, dax, dax', fax, hacks, haq's, jack's, jacks, jaques, knacks, lac's, lacks, lax, mac's, mack's, macks, macs, max, maxx, pac's, packs, pacs, pak's, pax, racks, rax, sachs, sachs', sacks, sacs, saks, sax, saxe, shacks, tacks, tax, vax, wacks, wax, whacks, yax, zack's, zacks, backes, bax, baatz, babbs, babs, bachs, backes, baggs, bags, bahts, bakhsh, batfe, bats, batse, batts, batz, bax, bob's, bocks, bogs, bottes, botts, botz, box, boxx, cab's, cabs, cac's, cads, cahps, cap's, capps, caps, caq's, cat's, cats, catss, catts, ccats, cobbs, cobs, cocks, copps, cops, copse, cots, cox, coxe, dabbs, daccs, dachs, dacks, dacs, dad's, dads, dagges, daggs, dats, datz, dax, dax', dobbs, dock's, docks, docs, dodd's, dodds, dogs, dots, dotts, gabhs, gads, gags, gap's, gaps, gatts, gatz, ghats, gobs, god's, gods, gotts, gotz, kaatz, kappes, kaps, kats, katz, khats, kobs, koppes, kops, kotz, pac's, packs, pacs, pacts, pads, pak's, pakse, pat's, pats, patz, pax, paxto, pocks, pod's, pods, pogs, pop's, popps, pops, pot's, pots, potts, pox, taads, tabs, taccs, tachs, tacks, tags, tapps, taps, tatts, tax, todd's, todds, togs, topps, tops, tots

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