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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to wire:   (331 results)


Often used in the same context:
cord, busbar, eyebolt, cables, karabiner, electrical, phosphor bronze, epoxy glue, tensioning, bimetal, rods, dacron, jacketing, needlenose pliers, windings, insulators, crosspieces, coil, flange, stiffener, sleeving, saddlecloth, spools, hopple, sheave, nailer, dowel, overhand knot, bobby pin, sheathing, hex nut, bolts, fasteners, catgut, idler pulley, slitter, tubing, lath, clove hitch, rope, coupler, arrester, coaxial cable, mandrel, gaskets, ferrule, nylon, gooseneck, stovepipe, lightning arrester, extension cord, hawsers, bushing, armature, electrodes, countersink, brads, carabiner, piping, hose, pylons, birdcage, eyelets, winder, straps, variable resistor, capillary tubing, cotter pin, clamps, crosshead, optical fiber, embroidery hoop, scotch tape, voltage, earthing, catenary, suture, horsehair, prestressed concrete, deadman, fiber optic cable, tensile, plier, pulley, palings, twine, solenoid, fences, fiberoptics, hasp, electric sander, manila rope, towline, trunnion, poles, headstall, braid, connectors, alnico, transformer, stainless steel, metal lath, wires, rod, ropes, bolt, hoop, bar, cable, casing, handle, pipe, stem, bars, bobbin, needle, pin, pipes, roller, coaxial, measuring, highvoltage, ohm, rectifier, mesh, multipoint, potentiometric, capacitive, shunt, telephonic, wired, d.c., dc, disconnect, duplex, impedance, inductance

More specific:
baling wire, barbed wire, cable, cablegram, filament, haywire, lead-in, letter telegram, night letter, overseas telegram, patchcord, piano wire, rewire, telegraph line, telegraph wire, telephone line, telephone wire, trip wire

Appears in the definition of:
., abatis, abattis, australian terrier, baling wire, bangalore torpedo, barb, barbed wire, bent, birdcage mask, bobby pin, bug, bulb, cable, cage, cheese cutter, cheval-de-frise, chevaux-de-frise, chicken wire, cither, cithern, citole, cittern, clip lead, coil, concertina, constantan, contact, coop, crystal detector, dermabrasion, draw, electric-light bulb, electric light, electromagnet, electromagnetism, eureka, extension, face guard, facsimile, facsimile machine, fax, fcc, federal communications commission, filagree, filament, filigree, fillagree, foucault pendulum, gage, gauge, gem clip, genus stephanomeria, gittern, grip, guy, hairgrip, hammer, hammer throw, haywire, high-tension, hot, hot-wire, hutch, incandescent lamp, intercept, jew's harp, jumper cable, jumper lead, knout, lakeland terrier, land line, lead, lead-in, lightbulb, light bulb, live, lorentz force, mesh, meshing, meshwork, mil, mouth bow, muzzle, net, network, paperclip, paper clip, patchcord, phone cord, phone tapper, piano wire, pipe cleaner, platinum thermometer, purl, quadruplex, radiotelegraph, radiotelegraphy, radiotelephone, radiotelephony, resistance pyrometer, resistance thermometer, run, schnauzer, set gun, snare, solenoid, spark, sparker, spark arrester, spring gun, staple, stay, stephanomeria, stiffened, straight pin, string, suture, tap, tapper, telegraph, telegraphy, telegraph line, telegraph wire, telemetry, telephone cord, telephone line, telephone wire, tensiometer, thin, tie, tighten, tightrope, torsion balance, transmitted, trip wire, twist, welsh terrier, whip, whisk, wire-haired, wired, wireless telegraphy, wireless telephone, wiretap, wiretapper, wire cloth, wire cutter, wire gage, wire gauge, wire glass, wire recorder, young's modulus

More general:
accommodate, adapt, conductor, equip, fasten, finishing line, finish line, fit, fit out, fix, ligament, message, outfit, secure, string, telecommunicate, thread

cable, conducting wire, electrify, telegram, telegraph

Also try:
— Nouns for wire: system, fence, line, circuit, fences, wound, circuits, frame, entanglements, drawing, rope, more...

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