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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to theories:   (210 results)

Often used in the same context:
hypotheses, notions, theorists, explanations, conjectures, theorizing, fallacies, myths, suppositions, concepts, postulate, axioms, theorems, psychic phenomena, ideas, cosmologies, doctrines, metaphysicians, presuppositions, pseudoscience, dogma, arguments, contentions, macroevolution, theologies, assertions, philosophies, mythologies, syllogisms, intuitions, refutations, reasonings, euclidean geometry, paradigms, parapsychological, conceptions, interpretations, ideologies, evolutionism, disproof, empiricism, justifications, memes, sociobiology, malthusianism, catastrophism, epistemology, phlogiston, fictions, abiogenesis, behaviorism, dialectical materialism, conventional wisdom, metaphysics, superstitions, monism, anthropic, phenomenology, phrenology, logical positivism, panspermia, philosophical, corollaries, atomism, universals, incommensurability, phenomena, nostrums, conclusions, counterarguments, adages, presumptions, scientism, freudian psychology, quantum theory, psychokinesis, methods, aristotelian logic, evolutionists, relativity theory, logic, ufology, philosophers, scenarios, claptrap, writings, mumbo jumbo, inferences, kurt godel, mysteries, quantum physics, epiphenomena, thesis, speculations, orthodoxies, truisms, conceits, guesses, facts, narratives, newtonian mechanics, suggestions, conceptualizations, theory, taxonomies, approaches, typologies, viewpoints, theorising, frameworks, psychologies, standpoints

Appears in the definition of:
., abstrusely, accommodate, accommodation, adopt, airy, analysis, asa gray, assimilation, blur, bombastically, build on, build upon, capital, conjectural, convergence, cosmogonic, darwinian, das kapital, depth psychology, develop, disprove, dynamism, econometric, einsteinian, esoteric, espouse, explicate, eysenck, follow, formulate, freudian, freudian psychology, g. stanley hall, galen, gaussian, granville stanley hall, gray, h. j. eysenck, hall, hans eysenck, hans jurgen eysenck, hindooism, hinduism, impressionist, indefensible, interconnection, interface, intersection, jeffersonian, jungian, jungian psychology, keynesian, keynesianism, lamarckian, law of parsimony, leakey, leninism, lipscomb, louis leakey, louis seymour bazett leakey, malthusian, marxism, marxism-leninism, mercantile, moth-eaten, nativist, nativistic, neo-darwinian, neo-lamarckian, nihilist, occam's razor, ockham's razor, ostensible, overlap, pareto, principle of parsimony, pseudoscientific, psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic, psychoanalytical, psychological, repose on, research project, rest on, scientific research, skinnerian, somatogenic, syncretism, testing ground, theoretic, theoretical, theorisation, theorization, theorize, trial-and-error, untenable, vilfredo pareto

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— Adjectives for theories: many, various, scientific, different, social, several, psychological, economic, current, modern, political, more...

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