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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to superficial:   (228 results)


Often used in the same context:
vacuous, vapid, simplistic, cursory, trite, banal, glib, reductive, cynical, formulaic, reductionist, insincere, trivial, unreflective, cosmetic, perfunctory, unimportant, flippant, formalistic, fatuous, subjective, substantive, puerile, simpleminded, facile, insubstantial, materialistic, bland, narcissistic, stagey, humerous, cliched, jejune, pollyannaish, oversimplified, tendentious, ahistorical, hackneyed, inconsequential, subtle, unheroic, overdetermined, meaningless, pretentious, faddish, meanspirited, syllogistic, infantile, terminological, gushy, uncontrived, superfluous, esthetic, irrelevant, dismissive, unidimensional, silly, pedantic, contentless, crass, childish, condescending, sophomoric, insignificant, substanceless, humanistic, illusory, moralistic, knee jerk, ingrown, unmodern, incommensurable, pointless, unoriginal, psychopathological, unrevealing, polemical, myopic, slapdash, inefficacious, jaundiced, inauthentic, amateurish, uninteresting, shallow, lowbrow, ludic, hokey, sociological, rote, plagiaristic, melodramatic, overcritical, obtuse, cloying, mealymouthed, inessential, scattershot, prosaic, obvious, tacky, hyperbolic, a., abdominal, ablations, abscess, abscesses, alluvial, angioma, angiomas, axillary, bites, boils, bum, cardiac, caries, catgut, cautery, cerebral, cervical, conjunctival, corneal, superf1cial, ficial, cutaneous, facial, intralobular, lobular, medial, visceral, intraorbital, necrotic, peripheral, subependymal, subepidermal, submucosal, differentiated, segmental, basilar, degenerated, fundal

Appears in the definition of:
arteria perinealis, cervical smear, cleanliness, counterirritant, court plaster, digressive, dilettante, dilettanteish, dilettantish, external, fancied up, fancy, fulsomeness, generalist, glamorisation, glamorization, glamourisation, glamourization, glib, glibly, glossodynia exfoliativa, graze, gussied, gussied up, manichaeanism, manichaeism, maxillary vein, middle temporal vein, mildew, moeller's glossitis, mold, moniliales, mould, order moniliales, papanicolaou smear, pap smear, pat, perineal artery, phaneromania, radial vein, renaissance man, resemblance, saphenous vein, sciolistic, scorched, second-degree burn, skimmer, slick, slickly, smarm, smatter, smattering, spider angioma, spider nevus, strawberry haemangioma, strawberry hemangioma, superficially, superficies, surface, tangential, thoracoepigastric vein, tricked out, unction, vascular spider, venae dorsales clitoridis superficiales, venae dorsales penis superficiales, vena maxillaris, vena radialis, vena saphena, vena thoracoepigastrica

apparent, dilettante, dilettanteish, dilettantish, facile, glib, insignificant, looking, ostensible, seeming, shallow, skin-deep, sounding, surface, trivial, unimportant

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— Nouns for superficial: layer, layers, veins, fascia, artery, level resemblance, cells, knowledge, view, vessels, more...

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