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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to shenanigan:   (146 results)

Often used in the same context:
caper, underhandedness, jape, machination, chicanery, charade, skulduggery, escapade, rascality, grift, nefariousness, lamebrain, slimey, hullaballoo, hackery, sleaziness, blatancy, peccadillo, antics, gagster, roguery, foolery, foofaraw, cabal, slimeball, skullduggery, palaver, hijinks, mudslinger, schtick, vulgarian, imbroglio, politics, gamesmanship, tomfoolery, tawdriest, inuendo, posturing, jobbery, jackassery, nosy parker, cravenness, subterfuge, switcheroo, sleaze, sleazeball, bitchery, flapdoodle, scumbag, malefactor, salaciousness, backstabbing, rascals, snipe hunt, shamelessness, milksop, cardsharp, meddlesomeness, hanky panky, overzealousness, tosspot, glamorisation, sleazebag, knavery, indiscretion, ripoff, moralizer, silliness, stratagem, crat, scuzzball, nastiness, moocher, crookedness, theatrics, saga, numbskulls, gulling, doings, crooks, politicking, shadiness, thuggery, monicagate, gossiper, tamasha, brouhaha, kerfuffles, farce, sophism, dirty tricks, sleazoid, huckstering, politicos, malfeasance, sexcapade, hoodlums, furtiveness, contretemps, fracas, gambit, gazette, gimmick, hassle, kidnapping, machinery, maneuver, memo, monstrosity, online, oracle, ploy, ruse, scam, squabble

More specific:
blaze, dupery, fraud, fraudulence, hell, hoax, hooliganism, jugglery, malicious mischief, put-on, vandalism

More general:
deceit, deception, dissembling, dissimulation, misbehavior, misbehaviour, misdeed

chicanery, devilment, devilry, deviltry, guile, mischief, mischief-making, mischievousness, rascality, roguery, roguishness, trickery, wile

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— Adjectives for shenanigan: whole, political, little, such, latest, legal

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