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membership, representatives, leaders, staffers, chiefs, chairmen, directors, alumni, employees, nonmembers, participants, bigwigs, volunteers, supporters, presidents, associates, officers, guests, friends, alums, residents, colleagues, trustees, staff, sympathizers, individuals, persons, officials, personnel, fellows, attendees, others, comrades, chairperson, conveners, tightknit, patrons, citizens, instructors, commodores, invitees, goers, governors, signatories, chairwoman, spouses, people, sisterhoods, senators, alumnae, administrators, emeriti, councilors, sponsors, groups, cadets, founders, bylaws, executives, committees, appointees, overseers, allies, students, partners, legislators, loyalists, quorum, subcommittees, delegates, advisors, signers, board, reservists, chairs, disbandment, elders, families, councilmen, affiliations, regulars, adherents, veterans, joiners, chaplains, faculty, relatives, retirees, inductees, operatives, pastors, lieutenants, dignitaries, nominees, spokespersons, ministers, founding, chapters, meeting, tightly knit, parliamentarians, dissenters, member, memhers, mps, congressmen, contestants, justices, lawmakers, professors, academicians, coworkers, respondents

Appears in the definition of:
., 15 may organization, 3-membered, 4-membered, 5-membered, 6-membered, 7-membered, 8-membered, 9-membered, admit, aged, all together, amygdalaceae, ansar al-islam, ansar al islam, aristocracy, artiodactyla, astilbe japonica, auc, aum, autodefensas unidas de colombia, babbler, blood, blood feud, blue ribbon jury, board, bovine, brainstorming, breakaway, brethren, breviary, british crown, business firm, cackler, canine, carnivora, catena, charter member, chasidic, chassidic, church roll, civic center, civil rights activist, civil rights leader, civil rights worker, class-action suit, class action, clawback, closed, closed primary, closed shop, co-ed, co-opt, coattails effect, coeducational, cognomen, collective, commission plan, committed, common denominator, common market, common noun, community center, conference, confirmation, cottage industry, count, coventry, credit union, crossbench, cull, customs union, cyprinid, cyprinoid, decoration day, department of energy intelligence, desegregate, desert rat, detribalise, detribalize, different, dipodomys phillipsii, dismally, doei, domingo de guzman, dominic, donner pass, dracaenaceae, dracenaceae, ec, eec, egg-laying mammal, eight-membered, elegantly, eminent, esprit de corps, eu, euro, europe, european central bank, european community, european economic community, european union, everya, exchange, false saber-toothed tiger, familial, familiarly, family amygdalaceae, family business, family doctor, family jungermanniaceae, family name, family procaviidae, family rapateaceae, farm credit system, fcs, fellowship, fillet, finger, firm, first-string, five-membered, floor, flower head, form of government, four-membered, fringe, gag order, gather, general, generic, genetic, gentry, genus cassia, genus moehringia, genus senna, genus toxicodendron, germanic, germanic language, good ol' boy, good old boy, good ole boy, governance, group, grouping, group insurance, group participation, group psychotherapy, group therapy, guest night, handout, harasser, hasidic, hassidic, health maintenance organization, hearted, hereditary, heterosexual, hmo, homosexual, house, humanist, humanistic, impiously, in-fighting, in-joke, indweller, infiltrate, inherited, integrate, intelligence cell, intercommunion, interest, interest group, international court of justice, intraspecies, intraspecific, jati, join, joint-stock company, jungermanniaceae, kangaroo rat, kibbutz, korean war, ladder, laic, last name, law of independent assortment, law of segregation, lay, league, legislative, lexeme, live, member, membered, memberless, membership, memorial day, mennonitism, merovingian, mix, moehringia, monotreme, morale, nine-membered, noblesse, non-standard speech, null set, old boy network, open society, order artiodactyla, order carnivora, palestinian hizballah, paradigmatic, partnership, penetrate, pentamerous, pentecostal, people, plenum, political system, precast, precedential, press release, procaviidae, professional, property, question time, quorum, race riot, racialism, racial discrimination, racial immunity, racism, radical cell, rank, rank and file, rapateaceae, recruit, recruiter, regent, release, responsive, rule, s10-membered, safe house, saint dominic, salaried, score, secular, segregation, separative, seven-membered, sexism, shadow cabinet, sheltered workshop, shumac, six-membered, social, societal, solidarity, special jury, species, spiraea, spirea, squad room, st. dominic, staggered board of directors, stentor, stopping, subcommittee, subfamily dracaenaceae, subfamily dracenaceae, subset, sum, sumac, sumach, supporters of islam, surname, syntagmatic, team spirit, ten-membered, terrorist cell, three-membered, threescore, tie, tie beam, tonsure, tontine, tontine insurance, toxicodendron, trade magazine, transmissible, transmitted, trustee, turnip, underprivileged, uniform, unimpeachably, union, united self-defense force of colombia, united self-defense group of colombia, united states cabinet, universal quantifier, us cabinet, variety, vendetta, walkout, well-to-do, white-shoe, white separatism, white separatist, white supremacy, wings, world court, youth gang, youth subculture, zero

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— Adjectives for members: other, many, individual, new, several, most, various, active, younger, family, former, more...

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