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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to lunar:   (149 results)

Often used in the same context:
lunar calendar, spring equinox, cometary, lunisolar calendar, lunar crater, celestial, taikonaut, venusian, jovian, orbiting, vernal equinox, asteroid, planetary, epsilon aurigae, calendrical, cosmic ray, sidereal, interplanetary, extraterrestrial, zodiac, outer space, intercalary, polar, saturnian, summer solstice, gibbous, space shuttle, perilune, gobi desert, sextile, cosmic, autumnal equinox, noachian, astronomical telescope, nebular, celestial sphere, spaceward, cosmological, geomagnetic, occulted, uranian, sol, phyllosilicate, astrological, cosmic microwave background, suborbital, eclipsing binary, zodiacal light, geosynchronous, interstellar space, micrometeorite, celestial mechanics, interstellar, hadean, synchronous orbit, proxima centauri, oort cloud, earthshine, chalcolithic, rock outcrop, quaternary period, space capsule, vernal, syrtis major, sunward, chondritic, geosynchronous orbit, winter solstice, circumstellar, astro, hadean eon, astrophysical, omega centauri, interplanetary dust, johannes kepler, geoid, radial velocity, galactic, valentina tereshkova, han dynasty, horsehead nebula, meteor shower, raman effect, malefic, exoplanet, antarctic, spectroscopic analysis, arcsecond, carboniferous period, neogene, basaltic, blastoff, rubbly, cosmic dust, cosmic radiation, mossbauer, percival lowell, celestial equator, aeolian, gregorian calendar, magnetic monopole, yuri gagarin, ave, inclusive, int, august, cent, geo, iowa, alabama, cen, cents, centuries, colloquium, conference, corps, div, ed, indiana, instant, july, napoleon, moon, martian, solar, eclipse, glacial, terrestial, wetter, zodiacal, astronomic, bleak, bleakest, fallow, precessional

Appears in the definition of:
apollo program, hebrew calendar, islamic calendar, islamic calendar month, jewish calendar, lunar calendar, lunar year, lunisolar calendar, mohammedan calendar, moslem calendar, muhammadan calendar, muslim calendar, ramanavami, roman calendar

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— Nouns for lunar: month, surface, calendar, months, eclipse, year, orbit, cycle, eclipses, day, module, more...

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