Words and phrases that have a meaning related to fold:   (285 results)

open, open up, spread, spread out, unfold

Often used in the same context:
threefold, tenfold, fourfold, hundredfold, fivefold, sixfold, multifold, thousandfold, eightfold, sevenfold, manifold, per cent, ninefold, multiply, doubling, exponentially, notches, geometric progression, tripling, twelvefold, years, quadrupling, hundred thousand, dramatically, twentyfold, dimensional, trebled, months, quintupling, widthwise, prominence, significantly, foldout, refold, commensurately, stowable, drop, grow, corresponding, substantially, pull, threescore, twofold, upsidedown, shrink, severalfold, ago, flexures, frontward, disintegrate, increase, uncross, sigma, sizeable, digits, size, bulks, figure, total, insert, turn, double digit, percent, alone, plateaued, spindles, twenty, row, number, compared, core, forty, nucleus, whopping, refracture, logarithmically, rachet, unzip, bigger, heights, weeks, trochanter, standard deviation, join, fore, longways, liquidise, collapsible, considerably, pocket, fructifying, backrest, micronuclei, quarters, pronged, translocate, fifty, bring, corrugate, dormancy, squish, limper, folds, slit, flange, furrow, groove, lateral, prong, ridge, transverse, crease, ribs, buttress, crest, cusps, fin, fio, keel, plank, strap, bend, discernible, def1nite, definite, ic, monotonic, analogous, asymmetrical, compositional, consistent, exponential, hierarchial

More specific:
cockle, collapse, corrugate, crease, crimp, crinkle, crisp, cross, crumple, drape, flock, furrow, kink, pinch, plait, pleat, pleating, plication, pucker, riffle, ripple, ruckle, ruffle, rumple, scrunch, scrunch up, tentorium, tuck, twirl, twist, undulate, vocal band, vocal cord, vocal fold, wrinkle

Appears in the definition of:
., action plant, alligator lizard, auditory center, bead fern, bias, birthroot, buccula, buckle, collapse, colugo, convolution, corrugate, cross, crumple, dewlap, double chin, epicanthic fold, epicanthus, fly, flying cat, flying lemur, fly front, fold up, foreskin, gather in, gyrus, hem, humble plant, hymen, introvert, invaginate, lappet, live-and-die, maidenhead, mimosa pudica, mongoloid, nictitating membrane, omentum, onoclea sensibilis, palmate, pen up, plait, pleat, plica, plicate, prepuce, pucker, purple trillium, red trillium, rhombohedral, ruck, ruga, sensitive fern, sensitive plant, shame plant, step stool, take in, tentorium, third eyelid, thousand-fold, touch-me-not, trigonal, trillium erectum, tuck, virginal membrane, wattle, webbed, wrap, wrap up

More general:
anatomical structure, angularity, angular shape, bodily structure, body structure, change, change of shape, change surface, complex body part, confine, enlace, entwine, hold, incorporate, integrate, interlace, intertwine, lace, pen, restrain, social group, structure, twine

bend, close, close down, congregation, crease, crimp, faithful, flexure, fold up, folding, multiple, pen up, plica, plication, sheep pen, sheepcote, sheepfold, shut down, turn up

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— Nouns for fold: increase, axis, axes, division, excess, symmetry, out, purpose, difference, classification, reduction, more...

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