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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to culture:   (423 results)


Often used in the same context:
cultural, traditions, ethos, society, mores, folkways, subculture, clannishness, heritage, ethic, insularity, milieu, multiculturalism, mentality, consumerism, civilization, acculturation, hybridity, westernisation, individualism, foreignness, modernity, ritualism, worldview, sensibility, mindset, exclusionism, enculturation, cosmopolitanism, mythology, ethnocentrism, cuisine, permissiveness, brahmanic, individualities, traditionalism, confucianist, syncretism, idiom, attitudes, vulgarization, iconography, psyche, politics, shintoism, stereotypes, folklore, lifestyles, diversity, philosophy, chauvinism, indianism, spirituality, westernism, westernization, materialism, vernacular, perception, homogeneity, otherness, holism, denominationalism, homogeny, sociocultural, primitivism, peoplehood, philistinism, nationalism, entrepreneurialism, deracination, artisanship, commercialism, eurocentrism, ideology, contemporary, institutionalism, superficiality, cosmologies, hedonism, agrarianism, melting pot, emotiveness, discourse, religion, bohemianism, puritanism, modernism, territorialism, humanism, foodways, intellectualism, snobbism, decadence, parochialism, ethnos, patriarchic, exclusiveness, elitism, provincialism, latinization, colonialism, nomadism, tradition, civilisation, cul, cultures, community, customs, polity, art, race, called, modern, preindustrial, socalled, suitable, assay, developing, ecologically, enrichment, homogenous, melanesian, modem, preliterate, tural, unstable, archaic, curriculum, cycling, environment

More specific:
aegean civilization, aegean culture, counterculture, cranberry culture, helladic civilization, helladic culture, letters, mass culture, minoan civilization, minoan culture, mycenaean civilization, mycenaean culture, tillage, tribalism

Appears in the definition of:
., acculturation, afro-american, agar, agar-agar, albanian, alfred kroeber, alfred louis kroeber, american, americanisation, americanization, amerind, amerindic, anglo-jewish, anglo-saxon, antinomianism, arabist, aramaean, aramean, archaeologist, archeologist, area, armenian, asian, assamese, austrian, austronesian, avianise, avianize, axenic, azerbaijani, babylonian, bali, bantu, barbarian, barbarous, baron karl wilhelm von humboldt, baron wilhelm von humboldt, belarusian, benighted, bhutanese, blood agar, boor, british, bumpkin, buttermilk, capital of france, cappadocian, cassirer, ceylonese, chaldaean, chaldean, chaldee, chawbacon, chechen, churl, city of light, civilised, civilized, classically, clovis culture, cnossos, cnossus, confucianism, cordoba, cordova, counterculture, country, culturally, cultural anthropology, culturati, culture shock, cyberculture, cyprian, cypriot, cypriote, dark, diaspora, dichotomy, djiboutian, dutch, eidos, enculturation, enduringly, english, eolithic, eolithic age, ephesan, ernst cassirer, estonian, ethnic group, ethnos, ethos, europeanisation, europeanization, fijian, flemish, flowering, flower child, folklore, folksong, folk ballad, folk song, folsom culture, french capital, frisian, fuqra, goth, growth, haredi, harvest, hawaiian, hayseed, heartland, helladic civilisation, helladic civilization, helladic culture, hesperian, hick, hip-hop, hippie, hippy, hipster, hispanic, historical period, historic period, hittite, honduras, humboldt, hybridoma, icelandic, impingement, indian, iraki, iranian, iraqi, italian, jamaat ul-fuqra, japanese, jessica lucy mitford, jessica mitford, jewish, judaic, judaical, kalashnikov culture, kashmiri, kazakhstani, knossos, kroeber, kurdish, kwanza, kwanzaa, kyrgyzstani, latino, lee, letters, luxuriantly, malawian, manchurian, mandaean, mandean, mass culture, maya, mayan, minoan, minoan civilisation, minoan civilization, minoan culture, mitford, moldovan, mosaic culture, multiculturalism, mycenaean civilisation, mycenaean civilization, mycenaean culture, mythology, nationalism, nationalist, nationalistic, nationally, native american, negritude, nepalese, nepali, nipponese, noncivilised, noncivilized, nonrational, norse, north korean, north vietnamese, norwegian, numidian, nutrient agar, ottoman, paleo-american culture, paleo-amerind culture, paleo-indian culture, paris, parthian, peasant, period, persian, petri dish, philistine, pluralistic, polish, pop art, prehistoric culture, prehistory, quebecois, rebirth, renaissance, renascence, republic of honduras, respiratory syncytial virus, romani, romany, rube, russian, samoa, samoan, samoan islands, scotch, scots, scottish, scythian, serbian, shelton jackson lee, singular, sinitic, sinologist, sinology, siouan, socialisation, socialization, social anthropology, somali, somalian, spike lee, sri lankan, starter, stone age, subculture, swedish, swiss, syrian, tahitian, tajikistani, tanzimul fuqra, test-tube baby, thomas wolfe, tike, tom wolfe, turkmen, tyke, ukrainian, uncontaminated, uzbekistani, westernisation, westernization, western civilization, western culture, wolfe, yahoo, yokel, youth subculture, zapotec

More general:
appreciation, civilization, cognitive content, content, cultivation, discernment, mental object, perceptiveness, taste


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