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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to construction:   (424 results)

base, foot, foundation, fundament, groundwork, house painting, masonry, painting, plate, plumbery, plumbing, roofing, sheet-metal work, structural member, substructure, understructure

Often used in the same context:
renovation, project, excavation, earthwork, remodeling, demolition, roadwork, building, asbestos abatement, predesign, masonry, concreting, earthmoving, repaving, landscaping, builders, steelwork, reconstruction, refurbishment, prefabrication, roofing, expansion, contractor, precast, housing, reclamation, falsework, groundbreaking ceremony, footings, repairs, megaproject, redevelopment, graving dock, precast concrete, demolishment, architectural, girders, structural steel, installation, development, shingling, geotechnical, pipelaying, grouting, rebuilding, infrastructure, restoration, feasibility study, tunneling, maintenance, dry walling, resurfacing, quarrying, subcontractor, paver, retaining wall, reline, engineering, berming, industrial, formwork, dredging, razing, pedestrian bridge, relocation, carpentry, tiling, subgrade, erection, scaffoldings, design, greenfield, modernization, subcontracting, underbridge, retrofitting, architects, beautification, completion, reinforced concrete, fabrication, subbase, flooring, prestressed concrete, pipefitting, carpenters, overruns, asphalt, masons, otia, drainage, cranes, condominiums, overcrossing, bridge, approvals, cement, interior decoration, transportation, cleanup, superstructure, bascule bridge, constructions, arrangement, framing, interpretation, setup, genesis, layout, struc, accounting, configuration, raison, situation, structuring, application, con, uses, yardstick, blueprint, research, copying, foundry, onsite, printing, sales, social, tool, yourself, automotive, cleaning, constructional, enterprise, hased, letterpress, marketing, metallurgical, outsourced, prepress

More specific:
altar, arcade, arch, area, arena, arrangement, assembly, balance, balcony, bascule, base, boarding, body, bowl, bridge, building, building complex, cardcastle, cardhouse, catchment, clause, coil, colonnade, column, complement, complex, corner, counterbalance, cross, deathtrap, defence, defense, defensive structure, divider, dry walling, edifice, entablature, equilibrium, equipoise, erecting, erection, establishment, fabrication, floor, fountain, grading, helix, hill, house-raising, house of cards, housing, hull, impediment, impedimenta, infrastructure, jerry-building, landing, landing place, level, leveling, lodging, lookout, lookout station, masonry, memorial, misconstruction, monument, mound, observation tower, observatory, obstruction, offset, partition, phrase, pillar, platform, porch, post and lintel, predicator, prefab, projection, protuberance, public works, quadrature, quoin, road construction, setoff, set back, shelter, shipbuilding, shipway, shoebox, sign, signboard, slipway, span, spiral, stadium, storey, story, superstructure, supporting structure, tower, transept, trestlework, vaulting, volute, ways, weapons platform, wellhead, whorl, wind tunnel

Appears in the definition of:
., adjunct, adrian, aeronautical engineer, aeronautical engineering, amphibology, amphiboly, animatronics, arch, architectonic, architectural engineering, architecture, army engineer, astronium fraxinifolium, atomic number 26, automotive engineer, bailey bridge, bamboo, beam, bound form, bound morpheme, build, builder, building block, caisson, card-house, cardcastle, cardhouse, case agreement, cellular, chemical engineering, civil engineering, cofferdam, columnar, complement, constituent, constructor, coordinatinga, coordinative, course, creative, crib, digital communications technology, domestic, elderly, endocentric, eucalyptus camaldulensis, eucalyptus rostrata, exocentric, fe, ferdinand de lesseps, flimsiness, flintstone, gender agreement, george washington goethals, goethals, goncalo alves, grammatical constituent, green light, groundbreaking, groundbreaking ceremony, hadrian, hanging gardens of babylon, hard hat, henri labrouste, highway engineer, house-raising, house of cards, interrogative, intransitive verb, intransitive verb form, involution, iron, jerry-building, john augustus roebling, john roebling, labrouste, leaning tower, leaning tower of pisa, lego, lego set, lesseps, link, lowball, meccano, meccano set, mechanical engineering, military engineer, mining engineer, misconstrual, misconstruction, naval engineering, not only, nuclear engineering, number agreement, partitive, passive air defense, past, pericles, pneumatic caisson, publius aelius hadrianus, quadrature, quercus bicolor, retained object, river gum, river red gum, road construction, roebling, row, rugged, rustication, safety arch, safety hat, shipbuilding, shoddiness, slot, steel, stock, structural, structural steel, structure, sumptuary, swamp oak, swamp white oak, tectonic, tight, tin hat, titus flavius sabinus vespasianus, transitive verb, transitive verb form, utility bond, utility revenue bond, vespasian, vicomte ferdinand marie de lesseps, victorian architecture

More general:
artefact, artifact, business, business enterprise, cerebration, commercial enterprise, constituent, creating from raw materials, grammatical constituent, intellection, interpretation, mathematical operation, mathematical process, mentation, operation, thinking, thought

building, expression, mental synthesis, structure, twist

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