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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to chronic:   (267 results)


Often used in the same context:
debilitating, acute, rheumatoid, persistent, rheumatic disease, puerperal psychosis, allergic eczema, neurogenic bladder, atopic eczema, severe, rheumatic, degenerative, erythema nodosum, rheumatoid arthritis, dysthymic, recurrent, hiatus hernia, hemiplegic, generalized epilepsy, fecal impaction, congenital, irritative, primary dysmenorrhea, peptic ulcer, lupus erythematosus, neuropathic, diagnosable, valvular heart disease, gouty arthritis, spastic colon, sciatic, catatonic schizophrenia, chronic bronchitis, suppurative, lyme arthritis, temporomandibular, postnasal drip, kidney disease, otitis, symptomatic, affective disorder, bronchial asthma, musculoskeletal, chronical, intermittent claudication, diabetes insipidus, hypoactive, essential tremor, lichen planus, vasomotor, puerperal, malabsorption syndrome, extrapyramidal, neurological, gastroesophageal reflux, pernicious anemia, afflicting, cardiac insufficiency, granulomatous, pulmonary emphysema, atopic, degenerative arthritis, debilitative, lumbosacral, intractable, diabetes mellitus, bullous, posttraumatic, uremic, unipolar depression, lymphocytic leukemia, psychogenic, decubitus ulcer, diabetic, phantom limb syndrome, lateral epicondylitis, pemphigus, generalized anxiety disorder, paroxysmal, factor xiii, respiratory distress syndrome, nettle rash, vasovagal, arthritic, sleep apnea, expressive aphasia, hepatocellular, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, arterial sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, anxiety neurosis, temporal arteritis, arteriosclerotic, herpetic, cerebral thrombosis, esophageal reflux, urinary retention, angina pectoris, acne vulgaris, multifactorial, seborrheic dermatitis, subacute, inflammatory, diffuse, bilateral, relapses, cases, viral, colds, non, renal, sprains, \u2022, backache, constipation, heartburn, pulmonary, alcoholism, eases, gastrointestinal, subclinical, congestive, undiagnosed, catarrhal, dysenteric, intercurrent, fulminant, noninfectious, fulminating, uncomplicated, coexistent, infectious, mild, onset

Appears in the definition of:
alcoholic dementia, alcohol amnestic disorder, alveolitis, amyloidosis, ankylosing spondylitis, anxiety reaction, atrophic arthritis, bedsore, benzodiazepine, bosin's disease, broken wind, cachexia, cachexy, chalkstone, chronic bronchitis, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic myelocytic leukemia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chyloderma, cirrhosis, cirrhosis of the liver, crohn's disease, dawson's encephalitis, decubitus ulcer, degenerative arthritis, degenerative joint disease, diabetes insipidus, discoid lupus erythematosus, disseminated multiple sclerosis, disseminated sclerosis, dle, drunk, drunkard, dysthymia, dysthymic depression, elephantiasis scroti, emphysema, fistula, fistulous withers, gad, gaucher's disease, generalized anxiety disorder, gleet, hansen's disease, heaves, hypochondria, hypochondriasis, inclusion body encephalitis, inebriate, insomnia, interstitial pneumonia, invalid, invalidism, iron deficiency anaemia, iron deficiency anemia, korsakoff's psychosis, korsakoff's syndrome, korsakov's psychosis, korsakov's syndrome, le, lead colic, leprosy, lupus erythematosus, lymphadenopathy, malignant anaemia, malignant anemia, marie-strumpell disease, ms, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia, myasthenia gravis, myeloid leukemia, osteoarthritis, ozaena, ozena, painter's colic, pernicious anaemia, pernicious anemia, pneumoconiosis, pneumonoconiosis, polyneuritic psychosis, postnasal drip, pressure sore, prurigo, pruritus ani, psoriasis, pulmonary emphysema, pyorrhea, pyorrhea alveolaris, pyorrhoea, regional enteritis, regional ileitis, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid spondylitis, riggs' disease, rummy, sanatarium, sanatorium, sanitarium, sarcoidosis, sclerosing leukoencephalitis, scrapie, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic eczema, shut-in, sot, sporotrichosis, sprue, sspe, subacute bacterial endocarditis, subacute inclusion body encephalitis, subacute sclerosing leukoencephalitis, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, tabes, thrombocytosis, tophus, trachoma, tropical sprue, tyrosine kinase inhibitor, ulcerative colitis, van bogaert encephalitis, wasting, wheeziness, xanthoma disseminatum

addicted, confirmed, degenerative, habitual, inveterate, progressive, prolonged

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— Nouns for chronic: disease, pain, illness, failure, diseases, bronchitis, inflammation, leukemia, infection, conditions, patients, more...

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