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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

baehr, bier, keir, seer, t's, t.'s, t.s, tar, tarr, teac, teach, teague, teak, teal, teale, teall, team, tear, teas, tease, teat, teed, teel, teele, teem, teen, teer, tees, teet, teeth, teethe, teig, tepe, tese, tia, tiede, tierce, tiered, tiers, tigue, tor, tore, torr, torre, tour, ture, tyre, we're, weir, teare, 'til, baehr, beal, beale, beall, beare, beel, beele, beer, beere, beil, beile, bere, bheel, biehl, biel, bier, biere, bihl, bil, bill, deahl, deal, deale, dear, deare, deel, deer, deere, diehl, diel, diele, dill, dille, gear, geer, gere, gheel, ghyll, gil, gill, guill, keal, kear, keel, keele, keil, keir, keyer, kheel, kheer, kiehl, kiel, kier, kierre, kill, kille, kir, peal, peale, peel, peele, peer, peil, piehl, piel, piele, pier, pihl, pil, pill, pille, teal, teale, teall, tear, teare, teeal, teel, teele, teer, tiere, til, till, tille, ttyll

See tier used in context: 59 rhymes, several books and articles.

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