Words and phrases that rhyme with stars and bars:   (206 results)

1 syllable:
ares, baars, bar's, barr's, barres, barrs, barz, car's, carr's, carrs, cars, cars', charrs, chars, czar's, czars, far's, gars, gnars, guars, haars, jaars, jars, jmaars, jstars, kaars, kahr's, kahrs, laars, lars, lcars, maars, marres, marrs, mars, mars', marz, nars, ours, paars, par's, parrs, pars, quarz, r's, r.'s, r.s, sars, scars, spars, staar's, star's, starr's, starrs, stars, stars', starz, tahrs, thars, thouars, vars, z-cars

2 syllables:
abars, adars, afars, aldars, all-stars, alvars, amar's, amarres, asars, astars, azhar's, babar's, baibars, balkars, bazaars, bazars, beastars, blazars, boxcars, busbars, chukars, cigars, cigars', cottars, crossbars, crowbars, darkstars, deathstars, debars, denars, devoirs, dinars, disbars, durbars, dzhokhar's, feldspars, fiars, gaidar's, guitars, handcars, hectares, instars, ipars, jabar's, jaguar's, jaguars, jumars, lamar's, lamars, lazars, loadstars, lodestars, magyars, malars, melkar's, memoires, memoirs, minstar's, miroirs, mizar's, myanmar's, nightjars, northstar's, opars, pan-starrs, peignoirs, pieds-noirs, pop/stars, popstars, prankstars, prostars, qintars, racecars, radars, railcars, rebars, renoirs, sambars, sandbars, seskar's, shahar's, shofars, sidebars, sitars, sizars, sonars, streetcars, tbars, techstars, tigar's, tokars, toolbars, tramcars, trocars, unbars, velars, voussoirs, windstar's

3 syllables:
abattoirs, aerostar's, aerostars, alcazars, alpinestars, autocars, avatars, bryanstars, caviares, caviars, cinnabars, cojimar's, escobar's, handle-bars, handlebars, hekmatyar's, humsafars, isobars, kosovars, malabars, megastars, metrostars, millibars, minibars, minicars, morningstar's, motorcars, nayanars, npr's, pokerstars, protostars, registrars, reservoirs, ricercars, samovars, scimitars, seminars, sidecars, supercars, superstars, xchocobars

4 syllables:
almogavars, almucantars

5 syllables:
antimacassars, nebuchadnezzars, teleseminars

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (97 results)

1 syllable:
cares, airs, stairs, shares, chairs, clears, beers, heirs, tours, wars, shears, cheers, drawers, squares, gears, corps, pairs, peers, scores, furze, yours, tears, bears, stores, wares, doors, fears, years, ers, theirs, hairs, ears, cures, hers, chores, fares, floors, fours, gerres, gore's, hears, here's, poor's, prayers, scares, sears, shores, slurs, smears, there's, war's, wears, where's, year's, years'

2 syllables:
hours, fires, outdoors, wires, repairs, upstairs, downstairs, affairs, algiers, hires, azores, appears, careers, compares, declares, explores, frontiers, ignores, inspires, occurs, prefers, prepares, raptores, refers, requires, tangiers, transfers, velours, weltschmerz

3 syllables:
unawares, volunteers, disappears, engineers, helicteres, millionaires, out-of-doors, pinnotheres, pioneers, questionnaires, souvenirs, underscores

4 syllables:

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