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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

aynes, bain's, baines, bains, banes, baynes, cain's, caines, canes, chain's, chains, chains', daines, dains, dane's, danes, gail's, gain, gained, gale's, gales, galles, game's, games, games', gans, ganz, gase, gayles, gays, gaze, goans, goens, goines, goins, goons, gowns, goynes, grains, gun's, gunn's, guns, guynes, haines, hains, hanes, haynes, jane's, janes, jaynes, kainz, kane's, keynes, lane's, lanes, llanes, maine's, maines, mains, mainz, manes, maynes, pains, panes, raines, rains, ranes, raynes, reigns, reines, reins, sainz, vanes, veins, wanes, wayne's, yanes, gaines, ganes

gagne, gainer, gainers, gainey, gainor, ganey, gayner, gaynor, guenna

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