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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

adel, adele, adell, adelle, behl, bel, bell, belle, cel, cell, chell, dahl, dail, daile, dal, dale, dall, dare, darr, darrelle, daul, dayle, dead, deaf, deahl, deal, deale, dealt, death, deb, debt, dec, dech, deck, deel, dehler, dehm, dehn, dehne, deihl, dela, delao, delee, delhi, deli, delk, dell's, della, deller, delo, delp, delph, delre, delve, demme, den, deng, denn, denne, depp, deppe, derr, desch, dev, dhole, diehl, diel, dill, dille, doell, dol, dole, doll, dolle, doyle, dule, dull, dulle, dwell, dwelle, edell, fehl, fel, fell, gehl, gel, gell, guel, hehl, hell, helle, jell, kehl, kell, knell, lehl, mehl, mel, mell, melle, nel, nell, nelle, o'dell, odell, pehl, pell, pelle, sell, selle, shell, tel, tell, udelle, well, welle, yell, yelle, zel, zell, zelle, dell, delle, baehr, baer, bahr, bail, baile, baille, bair, bale, balle, bare, bayle, bear, behl, behr, bel, bell, belle, berle, beyl, beyle, birle, burl, burle, cail, caill, caille, caire, cale, calle, care, curl, dail, daile, daire, dale, dare, darr, dayle, dell, delle, derr, derre, gael, gaelle, gail, gaile, gair, gale, galle, gare, gayal, gayle, gehl, girl, guayule, guel, guerre, kael, kahre, kail, kale, kayle, kearl, kehl, kehr, kell, kelle, kerl, kpelle, pail, paille, pair, paire, pale, palle, pare, pear, pearl, pearle, pehl, pell, pelle, perl, perle, perrl, pe ell, tail, taille, taire, tale, talle, tear, tel, tell, telle, terre

See del used in context: 32 rhymes, several books and articles.

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