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Words and phrases that rhyme with amplifier:   (460 results)

2 syllables:
ayer, beier, bleier, breier, briar, briare, brier, bryer, buyer, buy her, byer, by her, choir, criar, crier, cryer, dire, diyer, dreier, drier, dryer, dwyer, dyar, dyer, eyer, feier, fire, flier, flyer, friar, frier, fryar, fryer, geier, grier, guier, guyer, heier, hier, hier-, higher, hire, hyer, iyer, kleier, klier, krier, kyer, leier, liar, maiar, meier, meyer, mier, mire, myer, neier, nigher, plier, plyer, prier, prior, pryer, pryor, pyre, ryer, scheier, schier, schleier, schmier, schneier, schnier, schreier, schrier, schryer, schwier, scryer, seier, shier, shyer, sigher, sire, skyer, slier, slyer, smyer, speier, spier, sprier, spryer, squier, steier, stier, styer, swier, tire, trier, twire, twyer, tyer, viar, why're, why her, wigher, wire, wrier, wryer, wyer

3 syllables:
acquire, air fryer, applier, appsflyer, appuyer, attire, barbed wire, bitflyer, blackfriar, black friar, blow-dryer, blowdryer, bonfire, brush fire, bullbrier, call fire, campfire, capire, car tire, catch fire, cease-fire, ceasefire, clothes dryer, complier, condire, confiar, conspire, crachoir, cross wire, crown fire, decrier, defier, denyer, deny her, descrier, desire, destrier, dewier, disfriar, dog-brier, doubtfire, ebuyer, edayar, enfire, enfriar, ennuyer, enquire, entire, essuyer, etrier, figuier, flat tire, foxfire, fratire, frohnmayer, gestire, gipsire, gray friar, greek fire, greenbriar, greenbrier, ground fire, gunfire, hairdrier, hairdryer, hair dryer, hardwire, harmeyer, hayes grier, high-flier, high-flyer, highflier, highflyer, high wire, homebuyer, home buyer, horse-brier, horsebrier, hotwire, ipfire, jetfire, jon cryer, kiteflier, live wire, longmeyer, madrier, massed fire, mcbryar, mcguyer, mctier, mediar, misfire, nash grier, norsefire, odwyer, on fire, partyer, pimplier, pinfire, pochoir, portfire, ps-05/a, quagmire, red fire, refire, relier, replier, replyer, require, retire, rewire, sarplier, satire, shahriar, shanghaier, snow tire, souscrire, spare-tire, spedire, spin-drier, spin-dryer, spin drier, spin dryer, spitfire, starflyer, stunt flier, sucrier, supplier, sure-fire, sweetbriar, take fire, tawdrier, town-crier, town crier, transpire, trip wire, uighur, umpire, untier, unwire, variar, verier, watch fire, white friar, whitmyer, wildfire, will grier, zone fire

4 syllables:
advertir, antechoir, arcade fire, arthrodire, austin friar, auto tire, avodire, ayrshire, baling wire, ball of fire, barrage fire, basifier, beacon fire, beautifier, boutonnire, calendrier, cammermeyer, cannon fire, certifier, clarifier, classifier, coconspire, codifier, contredire, crucifier, cualquier, danny dyer, deifier, densifier, didemeyer, direct fire, disattire, dixie fire, dubilier, edifier, eggemeyer, falsifier, forest fire, fortifier, frequent-flier, fructifier, gasifier, glorifier, gratifier, grazing fire, horrifier, impedire, jackie speier, justifier, kinzlmaier, lars von trier, line of fire, liquefier, ls3/5a, magnifier, markiplier, mattifier, modifier, mollifier, monifier, mortar fire, mortifier, multiplier, mystifier, nitrifier, notifier, nullifier, nyanpire, observed fire, occupier, openfire, open fire, ossifier, ostermeyer, pacifier, prettifier, purifier, qualifier, quantifier, r. budd dwyer, radar fire, ratifier, rectifier, rubber tire, sanctifier, sanguifier, satisfier, scarifier, scheduled fire, scorifier, searching fire, set on fire, signal fire, signifier, simplifier, specifier, speechifier, staffordshire, streets of fire, stultifier, surefire, surface fire, tackifier, terrifier, terrifyer, testifier, the good liar, trasgredire, tumble-dryer, typifier, unattire, underlier, under fire, unifier, unretire, verifier, versifier, vivandire, vivifier, wagon tire, washer-dryer, wedemeyer, yzaguirre

5 syllables:
acetifier, acidifier, calorifier, complexifier, conducting wire, covering fire, decalcifier, demulsifier, denitrifier, destruction fire, detoxifier, disqualifier, diversifier, electric fire, electrifier, emulsifier, exemplifier, harassing fire, humidifier, identifier, indemnifier, indirect fire, infastidire, intensifier, mrs. doubtfire, natalia dyer, opacifier, outside the wire, personifier, piano wire, pneumatic tire, postmodifier, preamplifier, premodifier, radial tire, saponifier, selective-fire, self-justifier, solidifier, st. elmo's fire, supporting fire, telegraph wire, telephone wire, the daily wire, wings of desire, yarnell hill fire

6 syllables:
alexisonfire, antiaircraft fire, artillery fire, automobile tire, canadian tire, close supporting fire, concentrated fire, crystal rectifier, deep supporting fire, distributed fire, garena free fire, grenfell tower fire, interdiction fire, junction rectifier, owner-occupier, photomultiplier, preparation fire, radial ply tire, registration fire, saint anthony's fire, sexual desire, thermomultiplier

7 syllables:
a song of ice and fire, direct supporting fire, electron multiplier, naive bayes classifier, neutralization fire, reconnaissance by fire, the station nightclub fire, we didn't start the fire

8 syllables:
2008 universal fire, notre-dame de paris fire

9 syllables:
ecclesiastical attire, portrait of a lady on fire

11 syllables:
2008 universal studios fire

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (1 result)

2 syllables:

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