Words and phrases that rhyme with hemisphere:   (557 results)

1 syllable:
-mere, -sphere, beare, beer, beere, bere, blear, breer, brere, briare, briere, cb mpir, cdr dir, chear, cheer, chere, chier, chirre, clear, cleere, crear, creare, creer, cr dir, cyr, dear, deare, deer, deere, drear, fear, feere, fier, fiere, firre, flear, fleer, flere, frear, freire, frere, gear, geer, gere, gier, giere, grear, greer, heare, hier-, jeer, kear, kheer, kier, kierre, kir, klear, kleer, kneer, lear, leere, lierre, mear, meare, meere, meir, mere, miere, mir, mtier, myhre, near, near-, neer, niere, nir, peer, phear, pheer, pier, queer, rear, schear, scheer, schere, schmear, schmeer, schweer, sear, sere, shear, shear', sheer, shere, shmear, shmeer, sklere, sleer, smear, smeir, smere, sneer, spear, speer, speir, spere, sphere, stear, steer, steere, stere, sweer, tear, teer, tweer, twere, veer, vere, we're, weare, whirr, wier, year, zerr, zier

2 syllables:
abear, abeer, abrir, acere, adhere, afear, affear, agere, agreer, allwhere, all clear, alvear, alveare, ameer, amir, anear, antbear, appear, arear, arere, arrear, arriere, asear, assyr, austere, azmeer, bahir, bashir, bassir, bear's ear, bebear, birch beer, blaubeere, bock beer, brombeere, bronx cheer, bucear, cabir, cadere, cahir, career, casebeer, cashier, chachere, chatear, chemclear, chimere, church year, chusmir, clarear, cohere, come near, commere, compear, compeer, compere, compiere, cratere, dabir, dark beer, davir, debere, debir, deciare, decreer, defier, demir, desear, desir, dizzier, docere, dornier, draw near, ducere, dyneer, each year, ellesmere, emir, ensear, envir, espere, essere, first gear, five-year, foreseer, four-year, frontier, fryrear, ghadir, give ear, great year, guinier, habere, headgear, held dear, high gear, himbeere, hold dear, idear, indear, insphere, in gear, jabir, jamir, kabir, kamir, king's spear, kinnear, laimbeer, lanier, lanphear, lanphere, lapeer, lazear, leap year, lechmere, life peer, light-year, light beer, light year, low gear, mahir, mahseer, maiziere, mateer, mchir, mclear, mcnear, mcneer, mcteer, mctier, menear, meneer, meniere, meuniere, midyear, minear, minteer, mirier, misbear, misswear, miswear, mouse deer, mouse ear, mule deer, musk deer, mystere, nancere, near beer, netgear, o'lear, obere, olear, one-year, onere, oneyear, orear, outpeer, outyear, pabir, palmear, pap smear, pasear, patere, pencere, perdere, per year, piovere, piqueer, plenmeer, potere, preclear, premier, premiere, procere, procrear, puryear, rainier, rapere, recrear, redear, redsear, red deer, reindeer, revere, rodear, roe deer, root beer, rosevear, sabir, safier, sameer, samir, sapere, sarir, schenk beer, school year, scrivere, severe, shamir, sincere, skiwear, small beer, spruce beer, spur gear, st cyr, sun gear, tabrere, tahir, tamir, teclear, termeer, tevere, third gear, three-year, tornear, totear, trouvere, unbear, unclear, ungear, unnear, unsere, unsphere, unswear, uprear, upspear, uptear, up here, vaciar, vanleer, vanliere, veneer, videre, vivere, wazir, weiss beer, whiteneir, windmere, worm gear, yasir, zahir, zaire, zamfir, zegeer

3 syllables:
aamir, abbaiare, acarrear, atmosphere, auctioneer, avertir, balancear, balladeer, bandolier, barking deer, bartle frere, belvedere, belvidere, benazir, bersagliere, bevel gear, biosphere, bombardear, bombardier, brigadeer, brigadier, budgeteer, burro deer, cantiniere, cavalier, chandelier, charpentier, chevalier, christian year, civil year, coexistir, commandeer, common year, crochetiere, crystal clear, diapir, disagreer, disappear, domineer, dubilier, edward lear, elsevier, engineer, exovir, fallow deer, far and near, financier, financiere, fiscal year, fishing gear, garreteer, ginger beer, gondolier, holy year, inner ear, insincere, interfere, in one ear, lagardere, landing gear, last frontier, lincolnshire, ljubomir, lombardeer, lunar year, macromere, mahathir, marketeer, mcateer, meyerbeer, middle ear, minaudiere, minniear, montgolfiere, mountaineer, munich beer, mutineer, nyerere, outer ear, overwear, over here, pamphleteer, peer-to-peer, pelletier, persevere, petayear, petrolear, pioneer, pioniere, planet gear, porter's beer, profiteer, racketeer, rayonier, reappear, rensselaer, repetir, retrovir, reunir, second gear, solar year, souvenir, stable gear, statampere, steering gear, stratosphere, summiteer, telesphere, terayear, testiere, time of year, to one ear, unamir, unsincere, vandermeer, vanderveer, vandeveer, volunteer, wagoneer, water deer, whitetail deer, without fear, world premiere, yesteryear

4 syllables:
abacavir, acyclovir, adipocere, black marketeer, calendar year, calorifere, cameriere, celestial sphere, cervical smear, charioteer, conventioneer, electioneer, elephant's ear, elephant ear, every year, external ear, financial year, flight engineer, imagineer, interlinear, internal ear, japanese deer, jewish new year, matrilinear, nanoampere, patrilinear, patrioteer, pere david's deer, platonic year, rectilinear, reengineer, tropical year, virginia deer

5 syllables:
academic year, army engineer, bioengineer, cauliflower ear, civil engineer, differential gear, highway engineer, marine engineer, mining engineer, naval engineer, pinion and ring gear, planetary gear, political sphere, railroad engineer, sabbatical year, software engineer, unilinear

6 syllables:
aerospace engineer, astronomical year, capital of zaire, vestibule of the ear

7 syllables:
automotive engineer, efficiency engineer, elasticity of shear, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, military engineer, military volunteer

8 syllables:
aeronautical engineer, metallurgical engineer

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (38 results)

2 syllables:

3 syllables:
begetter, breadwinner, candlestick, creditor, editor, encipher, epicure, fence sitter, genitor, hypocrite, left winger, messenger, messidor, pedicure, register, registrar, respite care, spellbinder, stem-winder, stem winder, stepsister, synonym, veliger, vetiver, well-wisher, zemindar

4 syllables:
cash register, competitor, divestiture, expenditure, insectivore, intensive care, magnetic core, non sequitur, progenitor, subeditor

5 syllables:

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