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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to wooden:   (297 results)

Often used in the same context:
wrought iron, newel post, creosoted, lathed, thatched roof, bamboo, birchbark, baluster, rickety, octagonal, burled, rusted, oaken, fiberglass, rectangular, olivewood, gable roof, knotty pine, fruitwood, cast iron, balsa wood, pinewood, corbel, corrugated iron, crosscut saw, weatherworn, handmade, splintery, rattan, lacquered, uncarved, birch bark, decorative, rood screen, cinder block, ornate, dormered, inlaid, lignum vitae, makeshift, dentil, ebonized, huon pine, rag rug, rosewood, reeded, tarpaper, osage orange, sturdy, antique, semicircular, embroidery hoop, terra cotta, adobe brick, cruciform, upright piano, handcrafted, tree trunk, knapped, latticed, miniature, slatted, plexiglas, squash racquets, gabled, thatched, milking stool, spearlike, rawhide, terracotta, quartersawn, potbelly stove, ceramic, unpainted, porcelain, lauhala, perspex, cylindrical, brazilian rosewood, zoomorphic, bullnose, enamelled, duncan phyfe, hipped roof, collapsible, broom handle, lacelike, balsa, hickory nut, pietra dura, clapboard, ironbark, unglazed, copperware, gothic arch, billiard table, crenellated, gambrel, tamarind tree, ogee, ornamental, veneered, trestles, uprights, chests, collars, piers, bars, bedsteads, rafters, benches, fences, handles, pedestals, pegs, rafts, sticks, bows, coffins, collar, desks, handle, hewn, painted, carved, creaky, planked, plank, varnished, flimsy, ricketty, wroughtiron, hinged

Appears in the definition of:
., bagatelle, balaeniceps rex, barrel maker, bars, bar billiards, beach chair, beetle, boardwalk, board up, bocce ball, boccie ball, bocci ball, bowl, bowling pin, bowls, breadboard, bread board, bridge, bruise, buff, butcher block, butcher board, caber, cangue, cannikin, captain's chair, carpenter, carpenter's mallet, cartwheel, carver, cheval-de-frise, chevaux-de-frise, chip, chopping block, chopping board, clog, clumsy, coign, coigne, cold frame, collet, cooper, croquet, croquet ball, cross, crossbow, crutch, cutting board, deck chair, dibber, dibble, ferrule, fipple, firkin, flat, gallous, gallows, gallows-tree, gallows tree, gamelan, garboard, garboard plank, garboard strake, geta, gibbet, gunnel, gunwale, gun rest, ice lolly, icon, ikon, jack ladder, jacob's ladder, kitchen match, knobkerrie, knobkerry, koto, lawn bowling, lollipop, lolly, longbow, mallet, marimba, metal wood, ninepins, nog, nogging, oakum, oil, oxbow, paddle, paddle-box, paddle box, pale, pall-mall, parallel bars, patten, peg, peg down, pick, pickax, pickaxe, picket, pillory, pilot ladder, pin, pitprop, pole, polo, polo ball, popsicle, portcullis, press, quoin, sabot, sand, sandpaper, settee, settle, shell plating, shipbuilder, shipworm, shipwright, ship builder, shoebill, shoebird, shoetree, shoji, shovelboard, shuffleboard, skittles, sprag, staff, stocks, straight-backed, strake, stretcher, stump, tenpins, tenpin bowling, teredinid, treenail, trenail, trencher, trojan horse, trunnel, unhygienically, ventriloquist, ventriloquist's dummy, wainscot, wainscoting, wainscotting, wale, wheeler, wheelwright, wood, woodcarver, wooden horse, xylophone, yoke

awkward, wood, woody

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