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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to verb:   (257 results)

Often used in the same context:
noun, transitive verb, past participle, participle, gerund, plurals, phrase, pronoun, adverb, auxiliary verb, intransitive verb, neologism, adjective, onomatopoeia, colloquialism, phrasal verb, homophones, infinitive, shorthand, proper noun, genitive, antonym, word, vowel, subjunctive, split infinitive, adverbial, schwa, prepositions, syllable, prepositional phrase, diphthong, synonyms, conjugations, initialism, etymological, attributive, semicolon, slang, nominative, punctuation, pronounciation, metonymy, apostrophes, ellipsis, ampersand, homonym, dictionary, vocabulary, simile, colloquial, comma, aitch, hyphen, tildes, declension, reflexive pronoun, antidisestablishmentarianism, loanwords, dangling participle, pronunciation, locution, diacritics, vowel sound, spellchecker, lexicon, endearment, dictionary definition, abbreviations, verba, monosyllable, dangling modifier, vocab, alliteration, chiasmus, mondegreen, vernacular, abstract noun, alef, syntax, mot juste, descriptive adjective, aleph, subjunctive mood, lingo, cognates, idiom, katakana, ese, veritas, bork, lexis, scansion, esse, googol, chronos, pinche, parlance, acronym, coinages, portmanteau word, vulgarism, verbs, tenses, participles, tense, morpheme, infinitives, nouns, passive, suffix, predicate, prefix, imperfect, preposition, affix, modals, intransitive, accusative, ergative, locative, transitive, participial, adjectival, clitic, dative, infinitival, grammatical, paratactic, partitive, predicative

More specific:
copula, copulative, infinitive, intransitive verb, intransitive verb form, participle, transitive verb, transitive verb form

Appears in the definition of:
., ablative, ablative case, accusative, accusative case, active, active voice, affected role, agent, agentive role, aorist, aspect, aspectual, benefactive role, beneficiary, conjugate, conjugation, copula, copular, copulative, dative, dative case, deverbal noun, direct object, doubly transitive verb, doubly transitive verb form, durative, durative aspect, finite, frequent, future, future tense, gerund, imperfective, imperfective aspect, inchoative aspect, independent, indirect object, infinite, infinitive, intransitive, intransitively, intransitiveness, intransitive verb, intransitive verb form, intransitivity, latin, linking verb, locative, locative role, modal, modality, mode, modifier, mood, nominative, nominative case, noun, noun phrase, number, object, objective, objective case, object of the verb, optative, participial, participle, passive, passive voice, past, past tense, patient, patient role, perfective, perfective aspect, person, personal, phrasal, phrasal verb, phrase, predicate, present, present tense, progressive aspect, qualifier, radical, recipient, recipient role, reflexive verb, result, resultant role, sky-high, split infinitive, strong, subject case, subjunctive, temporal, temporal role, transitive, transitively, transitiveness, transitive verb, transitive verb form, transitivity, verbal, verbalise, verbalize, verbally, verbal noun, verbify, verb phrase, vocative, voice

More general:
content word, form class, open-class word, part of speech, word class

Also try:
— Nouns for verb: agreement, object, inversion, order, phrase, phrases, constructions, forms, construction, complement, combinations, more...

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