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Often used in the same context:
mysteriously, abruptly, inexplicably, magically, seemingly, unexpectedly, then, instantly, momentarily, finally, miraculously, once, quickly, again, practically, literally, strangely, uncontrollably, unbidden, alarmingly, gradually, unaccountably, nowhere, hopelessly, unceremoniously, spontaneously, perceptibly, even, before, fatefully, instinctively, instantaneously, eventually, soon, just, curiously, inexorably, apparently, unglued, unnoticeably, unhappily, unthinkably, dangerously, consequently, somehow, belatedly, almost, slowly, painfully, shockingly, completely, en masse, purposelessly, perpetually, fortuitously, blissfully, rapidly, spectacularly, dramatically, impetuously, dizzily, evidently, unrecognizably, catastrophically, precipitously, predictably, madly, prematurely, inevitably, subsequently, imperceptibly, impulsively, crazily, invariably, unpredictably, never, tragically, naturally, scarcely, hurriedly, hardly, improbably, chaotically, wetly, innocently, ignominiously, swiftly, quietly, soundlessly, barely, ominously, utterly, oddly, inconceivably, drowsily, frighteningly, earthwards, meekly, unwillingly, anyway, trembly, altogether

Appears in the definition of:
., abruption, air hole, air pocket, appear, around, arriviste, beetle off, blitz, blow, board, bob under, bolt, bolt out, bopeep, bounce, brake, break, breaking off, break away, break open, break out, broken-field, burst, burst in on, burst out, burst upon, bust, busted, catasetum macrocarpum, catch, chamaecrista, chandelle, chop, cleek, collapse, come to, concoction, cough, coughing, crack, crop up, culture shock, cut out, decamp, dig, duck, electrify, emerge, erupt, exploding, explosively, facer, faint, fall, falling, fall down, fall off, flare, flare up, flop, fly, fly open, freeze, fulminate, genus chamaecrista, grab, hit, hit the deck, hit the dirt, ignite, impetus, impulse, impulsion, impulsiveness, indrawn, irrelevantly, irrupt, jab, jump, jumping orchid, lunge, lunger, lurch, nab, nouveau-riche, occlusive, parvenu, peekaboo, pick up, plosive, plosive consonant, plosive speech sound, plump in, plump out, plunk, plunker, pocket, pop, pop out, pop up, post-rotational nystagmus, precipitatinga, precipitously, presto, rebound tenderness, relief, resurface, rick, run off, run out, ruptured, rush, sharp, sharply, shoot, shy, sign, signal, sink, situation, skip, slack, slump, smash, smite, snap, split, sprain, spring, start, startle, stop, stop consonant, storm, strike, strike down, surprise, surprised, swerve, swerving, throw, tumble, turn, turn on, twist, unawares, upset, upstart, vamoose, vanishing, veering, walk out, wan, whisk away, whisk off, wrench, wrick, zap

abruptly, all of a sudden, dead, of a sudden, on the spur of the moment, short

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