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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to astronomy:   (243 results)

Often used in the same context:
astrophysics, astronomer, telescopes, observatory, cosmology, planetarium, astrobiology, science, physics, stargazing, particle physics, meteorology, paleontology, stargazer, celestial mechanics, seismology, archeology, ornithology, epsilon aurigae, astrophotography, astrometry, constellations, botany, rocketry, extragalactic, celestial navigation, geodesy, mathematics, physicists, geology, palaeontology, geosciences, auroras, harlow shapley, anthropology, biology, meteor shower, humanities, ufology, planets, pleiades, climatology, astronomical telescope, aeronautics, quasars, archaeo, sundials, johannes kepler, exoplanet, earthshine, nebulas, celestial, cryptozoology, pulsars, museology, ethnobotany, quantum mechanics, geomagnetism, paleobotany, cosmos, astro, cosmic ray, general relativity, paleoecology, oceanography, relativity theory, exobiology, planetary, galaxies, eclipsing binary, astronomical, astrology, supernovae, birding, nucleosynthesis, optical telescope, astronautics, volcanology, geomorphology, quantum physics, hipparchus, refracting telescope, attosecond, jodrell bank, polarimetry, glaciology, aurora borealis, electromagnetics, zoology, paleobiology, entomology, astron, richard feynman, omega centauri, spectroscopy, occultation, cosmic microwave background, comet, geoscience, moon, photometry, themis, astronomers, civilisation, civilization, cosmography, cartography, metrology, occultism, philosophy, art, ethnology, philosophizing, archaeology, chemistry, babylonian, calculus, california, computing, ecology, einsteinian, forecasting, geography, hygiene, italy, lent, measurement, meteorological, newtonian, parole, pharmacy, physiology

More specific:
astrodynamics, astrometry, astrophysics, celestial mechanics, radio astronomy, solar physics

Appears in the definition of:
absolute magnitude, accretion, alignment, anomaly, apoapsis, ascension, asterism, astrodynamics, astrometry, astronomer, astronomic, astronomical, astrophysics, autumnal equinox, barycenter, canal, celestial latitude, celestial longitude, celestial mechanics, claudius ptolemaeus, coma, comet, conjunction, cosmogenic, cosmogenical, cosmogonic, cosmogonical, cosmography, cosmologic, cosmological, culmination, dabble, date of reference, dec, declination, egress, emersion, ephemeris time, epoch, equinoctial point, equinox, extragalactic nebula, galaxy, galilean telescope, gauss, gaussian, ha, hour angle, hubble's law, hubble law, huggins, immersion, inclination, inclination of an orbit, inferior conjunction, ingress, karl friedrich gauss, karl gauss, kepler's law, kepler's law of planetary motion, libration, limb, loadstar, lodestar, lovell, maya, mayan, mean solar time, mean time, meteor, meteoroid, node, nucleosynthesis, nucleus, oort cloud, orbital plane, periapsis, phase, point of apoapsis, point of periapsis, ptolemy, ra, radio astronomy, red shift, right ascension, sir alfred charles bernard lovell, sir bernard lovell, sir william huggins, solar physics, star, stargazer, superior conjunction, tdt, terrestrial dynamical time, terrestrial time, tt, urania, uranologist, variation, vedanga, vernal equinox

More general:
natural philosophy, physical science, physics


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