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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to arcturus:   (123 results)

Often used in the same context:
canis major, corona borealis, asterism, deneb, cepheus, capricornus, betelgeuse, scorpius, proxima centauri, eridanus, procyon, cygni, algol, pleiades, cassiopeia, canes venatici, orionis, puppis, coma berenices, cetus, monoceros, nebula, andromeda galaxy, hydrae, planetary nebula, big dipper, triangulum, aldebaran, milky way galaxy, serpens, denebola, beta centauri, ecliptic, aurigae, corona australis, eclipsing binary, lyrae, delphinus, celestial sphere, fomalhaut, syrtis major, achernar, canis minor, celestial equator, hyades, camelopardalis, prograde, omega centauri, uranus, photosphere, bootes, tauri, small magellanic cloud, constellation, galaxy, trifid, pollux, epimetheus, ophiuchus, scutum, hydrus, quasar, little dipper, supergiant, luminosities, ursa minor, horsehead nebula, celestial pole, cepheid variable, parsec, extragalactic, moho, chromosphere, cygnus, circinus, large magellanic cloud, aurora, nebulosity, dubhe, epsilon aurigae, airglow, phobos, fossae, zodiacal light, coronagraph, radial velocity, orcus, orb, heliopause, aesir, fornax, mintaka, alpha centauri, perihelion, tucana, ixion, uranian, photometry, protostar, interferometer, spiral galaxy, azimuthal, stars, sun, awnings, cape, coronas, domes, flash, lights, moon, neon, orion, searchlight, star, archway, awning, bonfire, bridge, carnations, chandelier

More general:
giant, giant star

Also try:
— Adjectives for arcturus: bright, brilliant, red, old, moist, orange, great, high, giant, pitiless, off, more...

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