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Words and phrases that rhyme with vines:   (291 results)

1 syllable:
bines, brines, bynes, clines, dines, dynes, eines, fein's, fines, fynes, gines, glines, guynes, heines, heins, heinz, heinze, hines, hynes, jines, kinds, kines, klein's, kleins, klines, line's, lines, lines', lynes, mine's, mines, mines', mynes, neyens, nine's, nines, pines, pynes, quines, rhines, rhynes, rines, rynes, shines, shrines, sign's, signes, signs, sines, spines, splines, stein's, steines, steins, stines, swines, tines, trines, twines, tynes, whines, wine's, wines, wynes, zines

2 syllables:
1491s, affines, airline's, airlines, airlines', aligns, alines, alkynes, alpines, assigns, baselines, beguines, bernstein's, bloodlines, bouvines, bovines, breadlines, buntlines, burdine's, burdines, callsigns, canines, carbines, carlines, chatlines, chopines, clotheslines, coastlines, combines, confines, consigns, cosigns, dateline's, datelines, deadlines, declines, defines, designs, dickstein's, divines, draglines, drivelines, enshrines, entwines, equines, exines, feinstein's, feldstein's, felines, finnlines, flatlines, frontline's, frontlines, goldmines, goldstein's, grapevines, gravelines, guidelines, hairlines, headlines, helplines, hemlines, hotlines, huffines, inclines, jardine's, jardines, jim hines, karl-heinz, karlheinz, kraft heinz, landlines, landmines, levine's, liet-kynes, lifelines, longlines, lovelines, mainlines, maligns, malines, midlines, moonshines, necklines, nightline's, nightlines, online's, opines, outlines, outshines, pipeline's, pipelines, pipelines', pralines, punchlines, ratlines, re-signs, reclines, redlines, refines, relines, resigns, ridgelines, rooflines, scorelines, shorelines, sidelines, sightlines, skylines, smithkline's, strandlines, streamlines, sunshine's, supines, taglines, tampines, touchlines, tramlines, traplines, trotlines, twonshein's, untwines, villines, waistlines, weinstein's, woodbines, xanthines, yvelines

3 syllables:
aerodyne's, allgemeines, aubergines, ballantine's, borderlines, brigandines, byzantines, calamine's, calamines, carbolines, caroline's, carolines, catarrhines, celandines, centerlines, chapulines, chemokines, cheryl hines, chloramines, clementines, columbines, concubines, corallines, countersigns, cytokines, disinclines, duberstein's, eglantines, endocrines, enterline's, ergolines, esterline's, eurolines, finkelstein's, firesign's, frankenstein's, galantines, geanticlines, hammerstein's, inquilines, interlines, intertwines, isoclines, mandolines, moneyline's, monkeyshines, monoclines, monokines, ninety-nines, palatines, paradyne's, porcupines, quarantines, realigns, reassigns, recombines, redefines, redesigns, saberbein's, serpentines, storylines, teledyne's, teradyne's, thermoclines, timberlines, turpentines, underlines, undermines, ursulines, valentine's, valentines, waterlines, wayward pines

4 syllables:
99designs, anthracyclines, china airlines, dressed to the nines, frontier airlines, gregory hines, heterodynes, japan airlines, overrefines, polyamines, quinazolines, spirit airlines, tetracyclines, trans world airlines, turkish airlines

5 syllables:
philippine airlines, plus and minus signs, read between the lines

6 syllables:
aminoquinolines, australopithecines

7 syllables:
ethiopian airlines, scandinavian airlines, tv parental guidelines

8 syllables:
list of suicide crisis lines, swiss international air lines

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (19 results)

1 syllable:
crimes, times, grimes, time's

2 syllables:
betimes, sometimes, at times, four times, hard times, nine times, old times, past times, six times, three times, two times

3 syllables:
modern times, thousand times

4 syllables:
a hundred times, a million times

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Adjectives for vines: wild, grape, old, green, tangled, young, woody, pea, few, thick, blackberry, more...

— People also search for: grapes, vineyards, honeysuckles, rootstock, plantings, manzanita, pyracantha, clematis, vinifera, trumpet vine, more...

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