Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

bite, byte, cites, cyb, feit, fight, fite, height, heit, hiett, hight, hite, kight, kite, knight, kyte, light, lite, might, mite, night, nite, psych, psyched, reit, right, rite, sat, sate, scheidt, scire, seat, seid, seide, seil, seim, sein, seitz, set, sette, side, sighed, sighs, sights, sign, sime, sine, sipe, sit, site's, sites, sithe, size, sleight, slight, soot, sought, spight, spite, suit, suitt, syed, syme, syp, tight, white, whyte, wight, wright, write, zeit, cite, sight

seier, seiter, seitter, sire

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