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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

bade, bayed, cade, chaise, dade, fade, fayed, gade, hade, haid, heyd, heyde, jade, kade, lade, laid, made, maid, mayde, paid, raid, rayed, schaad, schad, schake, schave, scheid, schrade, schuld, shad, shadd, shades, shaik, shaikh, shain, shaine, shake, shale, shame, shamed, shane, shape, shave, shaved, shayne, shays, she'd, shea's, shed, shedd, shied, shod, shooed, should, showed, they'd, wade, waid, waide, weighed, zaid, schade

arrayed, charade, schader, shader, shady, shaer, sze-di

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