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Definitions of should:
  • verb:   Used to issue an instruction (traditionally seen as carrying less force of authority than alternatives such as 'shall' or 'must').
  • verb:   Used to give advice or opinion that an action is, or would have been, beneficial or desirable.
  • verb:   (informal) With verbs such as 'see' or 'hear', usually in the second person, used to point out something remarkable in either a good or bad way.
  • verb:   In questions, asks what is correct, proper, desirable, etc.
  • verb:   Indicates that something is expected to have happened or to be the case now.
  • verb:   Will be likely to (become or do something); indicates a degree of possibility or probability that the stated thing will happen or be true in the future.
  • verb:   (auxiliary, subjunctive) Used to form a variant of the present subjunctive, expressing a state or action that is hypothetical, potential, mandated, etc.
  • verb:   (auxiliary) Simple past tense of shall.
  • verb:   (formal or literary) Used to express a conditional outcome.
  • verb:   (formal or literary outside certain combinations such as with 'imagine' or 'think') Used to impart a tentative, conjectural or polite nuance.
  • verb:   Used to express what the speaker would do in another person's situation, as a means of giving a suggestion or recommendation.
  • noun:   Something that ought to be the case as opposed to already being the case.
  • verb:   To make a statement of what ought to be true, as opposed to reality.

(Definitions from Wiktionary)

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