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Words and phrases that rhyme with present:   (327 results)

1 syllable:
bendt, bent, bente, blent, brent, cent, cent-, centr-, dent, dent-, dente, drent, ent, fendt, fent, fente, gent, gente, ghent, glent, gwent, jent, kent, lent, meant, mente, pent, pent-, prent, pschent, rent, rente, scent, schwent, sent, shent, sklent, slent, spent, splent, sprent, stent, tent, trent, twente, vent, vente, wendt, went, wente, zent

2 syllables:
besant, bezant, bezzant, peasant, pheasant, pleasant, %percent, accent, advehent, advent, akcent, ardente, ascent, assent, attent, attentat, augment, bell tent, big-tent, blaccent, boardbent, broadbent, brown bent, cement, ciment, consent, content, convent, credent, cresent, dement, derwent, descent, dessent, detent, dissent, dog bent, event, extent, ferment, field tent, fly tent, forewent, forspent, forwent, frequent, gc-content, george wendt, getrennt, give vent, godsent, gourment, ground rent, ident, ill-spent, impent, incent, indent, intent, invent, jahrzehnt, khojent, labent, lament, levent, low-rent, misspent, onguent, outspent, outwent, pack tent, pendente, percent, placent, pop tent, presente, prevent, procent, pup tent, quit-rent, rack-rent, rack rent, redent, relent, repent, resent, retent, revehent, segment, segreant, soccent, stardent, strepent, stupent, succent, sutent, tashkent, to-rent, torment, transeunt, unbent, unkent, unmeant, unrent, unsent, unshent, unspent, untent, urgente, wall tent, well-meant, well-spent

3 syllables:
corsepresent, crow-pheasant, crow pheasant, degreasant, displeasant, re-present, unpleasant, 50 cent, accidente, adnascent, alupent, asistente, blessed event, caerwent, canvas tent, chance event, chatham-kent, circumvent, circus tent, condescent, confidente, connascent, contrahent, cottage tent, creeping bent, disassent, disaugment, disconsent, discontent, discosent, disinvent, divident, eurocent, evidente, exercent, field event, forespent, frondescent, fulciment, fundament, gilda dent, grave accent, incidente, incubent, innuent, interrent, intervent, jim broadbent, libevent, liquescent, lorient, madescent, malcontent, miscontent, mountain tent, nebupent, news event, non-event, nonevent, occident, occidente, one percent, orient, overhent, overrent, overspent, overwent, parapente, paravent, pay the rent, pen-y-ghent, pepsodent, pitch accent, precedente, preconsent, president, presidente, quasi-rent, reascent, reinvent, represent, residente, retardent, sales event, self-content, self-torment, serevent, shelter tent, sibley tent, sorprendente, supplement, ten percent, toppescent, track event, turgescent, underspent, underwent, velvet bent, violascent, well-content, word accent

4 syllables:
argus pheasant, ever-present, golden pheasant, most unpleasant, multipresent, omnipresent, totipresent, acquapendente, acute accent, age-of-consent, co-president, commorient, diana kent, disorient, diving event, ex-president, fifty percent, happy event, line of descent, misorient, misrepresent, portland cement, pseudo-event, recrudescent, rhode island bent, rubber cement, second advent, social event, swimming event, tacit consent, the last descent, tonic accent, to that extent, to what extent, twenty percent, umbrella tent, vicepresident, vice president, zero-content

5 syllables:
advice and consent, carrington event, dramatic event, economic rent, in any event, letter of intent, multi-sport event, natural event, overrepresent, pyramidal tent, recurrent event, shadow of intent, to a great extent, underrepresent

6 syllables:
bilateral descent, mid-atlantic accent, periodic event, senior vice president, to a greater extent, to a lesser extent

7 syllables:
unilateral descent

8 syllables:
executive vice president, stochastic gradient descent

9 syllables:
breach of trust with fraudulent intent

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (28 results)

1 syllable:

2 syllables:
crescent, pubescent, undreamt

3 syllables:
depressant, incessant, fluorescent, canescent, caulescent, pearlescent, prepubescent, senescent

4 syllables:
arborescent, iridescent, effervescent, acaulescent, incandescent, acquiescent, alkalescent, convalescent, adolescent, alcalescent, almond crescent, efflorescent, opalescent

5 syllables:
antidepressant, noneffervescent

6 syllables:

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