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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

babby, bacchae, bacchi, bach he, back e, back he, back key, baddie, baddy, bad he, baggie, baggy, bag he, battey, batty, bat he, bhatti, bobbi, bobbie, bobby, bob be, bob he, bockey, boddie, boddy, body, body e, bought he, bought t, bought tea, cabbie, cabby, cab be, cab he, caddy, cad he, cappy, cap he, cattie, catty, cat he, caught he, cobby, cockey, cocky, coppee, copy, copy e, cop he, cotty, cot he, daddy, dad de, dad he, daggy, dat e, dat he, da be, da d, da de, da dee, da di, da p, da t, da te, da ti, dhabi, dobbie, dobby, dobey, dobie, docie, dock he, doc e, doc he, dottie, dotty, dot e, dot he, gabby, gabie, gaby, gaddi, gaddie, gaddy, gappy, gap e, gap he, gatti, gatty, ga b, ga t, ghatti, gobbi, gobby, god d, god e, god he, gotti, got e, got he, got t, got tea, kabi, kah kee, ka di, ka ki, khaki, kopy, pack he, paddy, pad he, pappi, pappy, pattee, patti, pattie, patty, pat he, pat t, pa b, pa be, pa d, pa de, pa p, pa t, pa te, pa ti, pocky, poddy, poppy, pop he, potty, pot he, tabby, tab b, tab e, tackey, tackie, tacky, tack he, taddy, tag he, taki, tapie, tap e, tap he, tattie, tatty, ta b, ta be, ta de, ta di, ta ki, ta t, ta te, ta ti, toddy, todd d, topee, top e, top he, top p, totty, tot he

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