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Words and phrases that rhyme with phylogenesis:   (181 results)

7 letters:
genesis, venosus

8 letters:
-genesis, adenosis, agenesis

9 letters:
agennesis, digenesis, eugenesis, oogenesis, parenesis, regenesis

10 letters:
anagenesis, biogenesis, diagenesis, dysgenesis, epigenesis, erogenesis, exogenesis, isogenesis, myogenesis, neogenesis, noegenesis, noogenesis, orogenesis, ovigenesis, pangenesis, pyogenesis, syngenesis

11 letters:
abiogenesis, abiogenisis, aerogenesis, autogenesis, biligenesis, cacogenesis, catagenesis, cenogenesis, cytogenesis, ectogenesis, endogenesis, gamogenesis, gynogenesis, hemogenesis, henogenesis, homogenesis, hylogenesis, hypogenesis, idiogenesis, kenogenesis, ketogenesis, lipogenesis, lysogenesis, merogenesis, metagenesis, mitogenesis, monogenesis, mutagenesis, nosogenesis, oncogenesis, ontogenesis, paragenesis, pedogenesis, perigenesis, polygenesis, virogenesis, xenogenesis, zygogenesis, zymogenesis

12 letters:
adipogenesis, agamogenesis, amelogenesis, amniogenesis, amphigenesis, amylogenesis, androgenesis, angiogenesis, baryogenesis, caenogenesis, cainogenesis, cariogenesis, cladogenesis, cosmogenesis, cyanogenesis, cyclogenesis, diplogenesis, ethnogenesis, fibrogenesis, geneagenesis, glucogenesis, glycogenesis, haemogenesis, histogenesis, hypergenesis, hypnogenesis, iatrogenesis, kainogenesis, karyogenesis, lactogenesis, lithogenesis, microgenesys, myelogenesis, mythogenesis, neurogenesis, orthogenesis, osteogenesis, paedogenesis, palingenesis, pathogenesis, petrogenesis, phenogenesis, phytogenesis, sega genesis, sociogenesis, sporogenesis, transgenesis

13 letters:
atherogenesis, bibliogenesis, blastogenesis, cardiogenesis, clastogenesis, dynamogenesis, embryogenesis, epeirogenesis, frontogenesis, gametogenesis, hematogenesis, heterogenesis, immunogenesis, kinetogenesis, lymphadenosis, melanogenesis, morphogenesis, odontogenesis, organogenesis, psychogenesis, pyretogenesis, salutogenesis, schizogenesis, symbiogenesis, taphrogenesis, teratogenesis, thermogenesis, tumorigenesis

14 letters:
carcinogenesis, cementogenesis, chondrogenesis, dentinogenesis, electrogenesis, gluconogenesis, haematogenesis, leukemogenesis, methanogenesis, myelinogenesis, neuranagenesis, schismogenesis, spermiogenesis, synaptogenesis, tornadogenesis, tumourigenesis, vasculogenesis, vitellogenesis

15 letters:
achondrogenesis, anthropogenesis, book of genesis, fibrillogenesis, gluconeogenesis, glyconeogenesis, library genesis, parthenogenesis, spermatogenesis, steroidogenesis

16 letters:
antiangiogenesis, anticyclogenesis, crystallogenesis, etiopathogenesis, folliculogenesis, leucocytogenesis, megasporogenesis

17 letters:
anti-angiogenesis, glyceroneogenesis, microsporogenesis

18 letters:

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (172 results)

6 letters:
cnicus, exodus

7 letters:
aphesis, benelux, edifice, emulous, pegasus, regulus, tenuous, tetanus

8 letters:
aesculus, daedalus, detritus, elegance, elements, eminence, emphasis, evidence, gempylus, mespilus, nebulous, resinous, sedulous, venomous

9 letters:
catalysis, synizesis, diathesis, credulous, delegates, elephants, eloquence, emphasise, estimates, pendulous, petulance, precipice, relevance, resonance, tendinous, tenebrous, tremulous

10 letters:
metathesis, desmanthus, excellence, gentleness, haemanthus, inelegance, jejuneness, membranous, methodists, negligence, persepolis, pestilence, precedence, precedents, prevalence, sentiments

11 letters:
kinesthesis, antecedence, beneficence, benevolence, blessedness, endlessness, epinephelus, fretfulness, helpfulness, incredulous, irrelevance, malevolence, preeminence, restfulness, settlements, sexlessness, specialists, specialness, zestfulness

12 letters:
cataphoresis, acrocephalus, cynocephalus, developments, dreadfulness, fecklessness, helplessness, intelligence, myxocephalus, overemphasis, pleasantness, preciousness, pyrocephalus, re-emphasise, recklessness, restlessness, vengefulness

13 letters:
amniocentesis, anencephalous, arctocephalus, chirocephalus, directionless, essentialness, forgetfulness, healthfulness, hydrocephalus, impetuousness, incessantness, leptocephalus, microcephalus, momentousness, platypoecilus, sarcocephalus, senselessness, stenopelmatus, temperateness, unhelpfulness

14 letters:
acceptableness, friendlessness, heterocephalus, licentiousness, macrocephalous, microcephalous, neglectfulness, pink elephants, relentlessness, respectfulness, successfulness, unpleasantness

15 letters:
electrophoresis, cogent evidence, contentiousness, defencelessness, defenselessness, direct evidence, distressfulness, gorgonocephalus, pretentiousness, tendentiousness, unhealthfulness

16 letters:
abdominocentesis, ambidextrousness, hearsay evidence, moral excellence, rule of evidence, sacrilegiousness, state's evidence, unacceptableness

17 letters:
conscientiousness, funeral-residence, good-temperedness, indirect evidence, nuclear resonance, penstemon deustus, unpretentiousness

18 letters:
adult intelligence, magnetic resonance

19 letters:
combat intelligence, unconscientiousness, verbal intelligence

20 letters:
current intelligence, showing intelligence, signals intelligence, terrain intelligence

21 letters:
security intelligence, tactical intelligence

22 letters:
nonverbal intelligence, strategic intelligence, telemetry intelligence

23 letters:
artificial intelligence, borderline intelligence, circumstantial evidence

24 letters:
electronics intelligence

25 letters:
proton magnetic resonance

27 letters:
communications intelligence

28 letters:
showing lack of intelligence

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