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Words and phrases that rhyme with news:   (538 results)

1 syllable:
'cuse, .m2ts, 1700s, blue's, blues, blues', bluse, bmews, boos, booz, booze, brews, broos, bruise, bruse, buse, buus, chews, choose, chuse, clews, clues, cnews, cooze, coups, crew's, crewes, crews, cruise, cruse, cruz, cruze, cues, dews, do's, dr-dos, drewes, drews, druse, druze, dues, ewes, flews, flooz, flues, flus, foos, fuse, gewis, glues, goos, greuze, groos, grues, gueuze, guse, hewes, hews, hoos, houes, hues, hughes, hughes', hughs, huse, jcews, jews, jews', joos, juise, kloos, koos, koozh, kreuz, kruse, kuse, kuze, leu's, leuze, lewes, loos, lose, lou's, luiz, luse, meuse, mewes, moos, moues, muise, muse, news', niews, oohs, ooohs, ooze, pews, pru's, pugh's, pughs, q's, q.'s, q.s, ques, queues, roos, roose, roues, ruse, schmooze, screws, scruze, scuse, shews, shmooze, shoe's, shoes, shoos, shrews, skewes, skews, skuse, slews, slues, smoos, snews, snooze, soos, sous, souse, spews, sprues, spues, stew's, stews, stoos, strews, sues, tewes, tews, theus, thews, throughs, trews, trs-dos, trues, two's, twos, u's, u.'s, u.s, views, vt fuze, who's, whose, woo's, woos, wu's, yew's, yoos, youse, yu's, zoo's, zoos, zue's

2 syllables:
1430s, 1500s, 1600s, 1720s, 1900s, 1910s, 1930s, 1970s, abuse, accrues, accuse, acuse, adieus, aircrews, airscrews, amuse, andrew's, andrewes, andrews, andrews', artnews, baboos, bamboos, battues, bedews, bemuse, berceuse, bernouse, beshrews, bestrews, blue's clues, bocuse, boo-boos, boohoos, breakthroughs, canoes, cashews, cebu's, ceruse, chartreuse, choo-choos, confus, confuse, construes, corkscrews, cornmuse, cpu-z, defuse, defuze, despues, diffus, diffuse, dormeuse, dress blues, drive-throughs, drive-thrus, efuse, empuse, end-use, endues, ensues, enthuse, eschews, espnews, euphues, eviews, excuse, fairuse, fayrouz, februus, feedthroughs, fescues, fitchews, fondus, forbruise, foxnews, gentoos, gumshoes, guru's, gurus, hairdos, hardnews, haruz, hemuse, hindoos, hindus, hoodoos, hoopoes, horse-shoes, horseshoes, hutu's, hutus, ill-use, imbrues, imbues, imuse, incuse, indues, infuse, iq's, jackscrews, jammu's, karoos, karroos, kazoos, koodoos, kunduz, laguz, landview's, lituus, lobscuse, lulus, mahfouz, matroos, menuse, mess-dos, mildews, milieus, miscues, misuse, mixed-use, ms-dos, mungoos, netnews, nonnus, nonuse, nowrooz, one-twos, papoose, pappoose, peipus, perfuse, peru's, perus, peruse, pinknews, plug fuse, pooh-poohs, prefuse, previews, prevues, primenews, pursues, purviews, rambooze, re-use, rechoose, recuse, redos, reflueus, refuse, renews, reperuse, rescues, retruse, retuse, reuse, review's, reviews, revues, run-throughs, sandshoes, scappoose, sea-poose, secus, setscrews, shacknews, shampoos, shopclues, snowshoes, soyuz, statues, subdues, suffuse, sundews, tableaus, taboos, tatoos, tattoos, ted cruz, thumbscrews, time-fuse, tissues, to-dos, todos, toulouse, trampoose, trans-use, transfuse, trunews, undos, unscrews, vaduz, vendues, voodoos, wahoos, walk-throughs, worldnews, worldviews, yahoos

3 syllables:
1410s, 1420s, 1440s, 1520s, 1800s, 1810s, 1830s, 1940s, 1950s, 2000s, 2010s, 2030s, 86-dos, abrikoos, agrafeuse, amenuse, andaluz, antiquus, appliqus, autocues, avenue's, avenues, balkenkreuz, ballyhoos, barbecue's, barbecues, barbeques, boutonneuse, buckaroos, bugaboos, bukavu's, cabildos, cargurus, cartridge fuse, circumfuse, clara hughes, clerihews, cockatoos, codrescu's, cornemuse, cosatu's, dataviews, david luiz, devalues, disabuse, donohue's, doppelkreuz, dos-a-dos, dual-use, dunkaroos, euronews, exiguus, fanny roos, feverfews, gpu-z, hakenkreuz, hockeyroos, honeydews, humifuse, hypernews, interbrew's, interfuse, interviews, jackaroos, jackeroos, jason mewes, jillaroos, jungle cruise, kab-500s-e, kangaroos, kickapoos, macandrews, maricruz, mcandrews, mello-roos, microbrews, mid90s, misconstrues, mobutu's, montagu's, montagus, muumuus, newport-news, nongqawuse, obliquus, opensuse, osoyoos, overshoes, overuse, overviews, pagurus, pampelmuse, pc-dos, peer-reviews, potoroos, reaccuse, religieuse, residues, retinues, revenues, safety fuse, santa-cruz, sara hughes, sigafoos, single-use, socceroos, speculoos, supercruise, superfuse, switcheroos, syracuse, terry crews, tolonews, tyrannus, unconfuse, underoos, underuse, vindaloos, visionneuse, wallaroos, waterloos, wikinews, zharnel hughes

4 syllables:
1840s, 1850s, 1860s, 1890s, 2020s, 2040s, 22-20s, aeroperu's, africanews, bartholomeus, boonoonoonoos, continouos, diallelus, didgeridoos, dominick cruz, goody-two-shoes, hullabaloos, hurricanoes, hypotenuse, hypothenuse, jesse andrews, kievan rus', lankaenews, medianews, mogadishu's, netanyahu's, provide with shoes, rhythm-and-blues, rhythm and blues, saint-jean-de-luz, superinfuse, the moody blues, verdun-sur-meuse

5 syllables:
1820s, 1870s, 1920s, 1960s, 1990s, a.r.g.u.s., afrikaner-jews, detonating fuse, electrical fuse, eotyrannus, nanotyrannus, nissan 350z, nissan 370z, siege of syracuse

6 syllables:
1660s, 1760s

9 syllables:
counterculture of the 1960s

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