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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

air's, airs, ayer's, ayres, bares, bear's, bears, bears', berres, bures, care's, cares, chaires, chairs, dares, errs, fair's, faires, fairs, fares, gehres, hair's, hairs, hare's, hares, heirs, jares, kehres, mair, maire, mare, marrs, mars, mars', marz, meares, mears, meggs, mehr, mel's, men's, mens, menz, menze, mer, metze, mires, moore's, moores, moors, mor's, morze, myres, pairs, pares, pears, phares, sayres, share's, shares, shares', sherr's, tears, theirs, there's, wares, wears, where's, maerz, mairs, mare's

marries, marrow, marry, mary, mary's, mehrer, meraz, mero, merow, merrie, merrow, merry

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