Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

ann's, anne's, bans, cab's, cabs, caen, cahn, cain's, caines, calves, cam's, can, can't, cana, canas, canes, cann, canned, canner, canney, canny, canoy, cant, chan's, clans, coin's, coins, cone's, cones, cons, coones, coons, crans, dan's, danz, fan's, fans, fans', gans, ganz, hannes, jan's, jans, janz, kahn's, kainz, kan, kana, kandt, kane's, kann, kanne, kanner, kanno, kant, kean's, kearns, ken's, kern's, kernes, kerns, keynes, khan's, khanna, kin's, kines, klan's, klans, konz, koon's, koons, korns, kouns, krans, kranz, kuhns, kuns, kunz, kunze, lanz, man's, mann's, mannes, manns, mans, manz, nan's, pan's, pans, rans, ranz, sannes, sans, sanz, scans, tans, vans, caen's, can's, cans, kanz, baath, bahm, bahn, balm, balms, bam, bamse, ban, ban's, bance, banff, bang, bangs, bangue, banh, bann, banns, bans, benz, bhang, bhangi, bohm, bom, bomb, bomb's, bombs, bon, bonce, bong, bonn, bonn's, bonne, bons, bonze, caan, caen, caen's, cahn, calm, calms, cam, cam's, cambs, camm, can, can's, cangue, cangues, cann, canne, cans, cohns, com, com's, comm, comme, commo, comms, coms, con, conce, conn, conn., conne, conns, cons, daane, dahm, dahms, dahn, dam, dam's, damm, damme, damms, damn, damns, dams, dan, dan's, dance, dang, dangs, dann, danse, danz, dohm, dohn, dom, don, don's, donn, donnes, dons, donze, gahm, gahn, gambe, gamm, gamme, gan, gance, gang, gang's, gangs, gangue, gann, gans, ganz, ganze, gohn, gonce, gonne, kahn, kahn's, kahng, kam, kamm, kan, kang, kann, kanne, kanz, khan, khan's, khang, khans, kohn, kon, konz, konze, lhomme, pahang, palm, palme, palms, pam, pam's, pan, pan's, pance, pang, pangs, panne, pans, panse, panss, panth, pomme, pommes, pon, ponce, pons, qom, t'ang, tam, tambs, tamm, tamms, tan, tang, tangs, tangue, tann, tanne, tans, thom, tom, tom's, toms, tongs, tonn

Book See cannes used in context: 6 rhymes, several books and articles.

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