Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

blabs, blacks, blags, blats, blatz, blobs, blocks, blocs, blogs, blots, braatz, brads, braggs, brags, brats, bratsk, bratz, brocks, brogues, brox, clacks, clads, claps, claques, clocks, clods, clogs, clops, clots, crabbs, crabs, cracks, craggs, crags, crapps, craps, crocks, crocs, crops, crotts, drabs, drags, drogues, drops, glads, glatz, globs, grabs, grads, graps, gratz, grotz, klatsch, klopf, klotz, kraatz, krapf, kratz, kropf, krotz, plaques, plats, platts, platz, plax, plods, plops, plots, plotts, plotz, prats, praxes, prods, propps, props, protz, tracks, traps, trax, trots

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