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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

bandt, becht, behn, behne, belt, ben, ben's, bence, bench, bend, benge, benn, benne, bens, bensch, bentz, benz, bernd, berndt, bernt, best, beste, bet, bett, bondt, bonet, bonte, brent, bunt, bunte, burnt, cent, dent, dente, ent, fendt, fent, gent, ghent, jent, kent, lent, meant, mente, pent, rent, scent, sent, tent, vent, wendt, went, wente, zent, bendt, bente

behner, behney, bena, bene, beni, benner, bennet, bennett, benney, bennie, bennitt, benno, benny, benoy, benter, bento

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